What license do you need to fly an ICON A5?

What license do you need to fly an ICON A5?

Sport Pilot License
To fly the Light Sport ICON A5, you’ll need your Sport Pilot License (SPL). Your Sport Pilot License will take about 4 weeks to complete. If you’re already a Sport Pilot or above, ICON offers two transition courses depending on your previous experience.

Can you fly an ICON A5 anywhere?

Yes. The A5 is amphibious, so it can land and takeoff from either water or land due to the boat hull design and retractable landing gear.

What does an ICON A5 cost?

Built to be safe, easy to fly and with an interior that looks remarkably like the inside of a modern car. All this comes at a hefty price tag, the ICON A5 costs 269,000 USD; however, for the fully equipped version the price is 389,000 USD.

What is an A5 aircraft?

The A5 amphibious sport plane is designed and manufactured by Icon Aircraft. The A5 can cruise on both land and sea. The ergonomically designed cockpit of the A5 features simple, grouped controls, a GPS system, and reclined seating for two. The sport plane can cruise at a maximum speed of 105k.

Is the ICON A5 street legal?

In order for the A5 to be street legal, the outer portions of the horizontal stabilizer also need to be removed, a process that is quick and easy.

Is the ICON A5 IFR certified?

Our pilot doesn’t have an instrument rating, but it doesn’t matter because the A5 is not approved for IFR flight. Besides the hazard of potential VFR into IMC that any non-instrument-rated pilot faces in these conditions, our intrepid pilot may be conditioned to accept other risks.

Can you rent an Icon A5?

“People from all over the world can now experience the A5 and the ICON training program, regardless of whether or not they are deposit holders. And, for the first time, training program graduates can rent an A5 and take it out and do the type of sport flying that most people never get to experience.

Is the Icon A5 safe?

Safety-wise, the A5 fleet has had seven accidents, two fatal. In my view, with just 100 out there, this is too few to judge the airplane fairly.

Do you need a pilots license to fly an A5?

The ICON A5 is a sexy new ultra-light amphibious sport aircraft that requires only a sport airplane license instead of the full private pilot license to fly. You can carry a passenger, fly in class E and G airspace, and the aircraft flown must meet the definition of light-sport aircraft (LSA).

Is the ICON A5 an ultralight?

The ICON A5 is an American amphibious light-sport aircraft designed and produced by ICON Aircraft….ICON A5.

Number built 100 (July 2019)