What makes Jan frodeno so good?

What makes Jan frodeno so good?

Jan Frodeno has continually shown that he is willing to set big goals and put in the months and years of training to achieve those goals. Through planning, tracking, and a willingness to stay focused on what works for him, he has won an Olympic gold medal, the IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN World Championship.

Where is Jan Frodeno from?

Cologne, Germany
Jan Frodeno/Place of birth

Who is Jan frodeno married to?

Emma Snowsillm. 2013
Jan Frodeno/Spouse

How old is frodeno?

40 years (August 18, 1981)
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What does Jan frodeno eat?

It includes as much real food as possible, usually as one or two big meals a day with multiple snacks in between. Eggs, hummus and chocolate milk are all part of her staple foods. Eight weeks out from the World Championships she cuts out alcohol to get to her racing weight.

Where does Jan frodeno train?

Jan Frodeno

Personal information
Country Germany
Club Tri-Sport Saar-Hochwald e. V.
Team Bahrain Elite Endurance Team
Coached by Dan Lorang

Is Jan frodeno South African?

Born in Cologne, Frodeno started out as a swimmer in South Africa at the age of 15, and he entered triathlon in 2000. He then went to Germany to compete in the Triathlon-Bundesliga, and qualified for the national team in 2002. As part of the national team he trained at the Olympic Training Centre in Saarbrücken.

Is Jan frodeno married?

Who is Vincent Luis girlfriend?

Taylor Spivey
Vincent lives and trains in Girona with his girlfriend, USA professional triathlete Taylor Spivey.

How old is Lionel Sanders?

33 years (February 22, 1988)
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How old is Sam Long triathlete?

The 25-year-old from Boulder again showcased his skillset recently by running out a convincing winner of IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene in stifling summer temperatures in Idaho.

How much does Jan frodeno train?

Jan Frodeno trains at least 35 hours per week and is one of the fittest people on the planet. In an interview, he revealed that his standard training week involves 35 hours of training, coupled with 12 hours of physio sessions.

How old is Jan Frodeno in the world record race?

In the three subsequent Roth races since 2016, no one has come within 14 minutes of Frodeno’s record. And, considering the now 39-year-old’s continued dominance in the sport, the one person who could stand to threaten the mark anytime soon is, well, Frodo himself.

How old was Jan Frodeno when he won the Ironman?

By July of 2016, the then-34-year-old had already won the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, the Ironman European Championship, and his first of now three Ironman World Championship titles. (Not to mention his prowess at the shorter distances, having snagged the Olympic gold medal in 2008.)

What was Jan Frodeno’s split in the marathon?

Surprisingly, Frodeno’s 2:39:18 marathon split that day wasn’t the fastest of the day (a hard-charging Joe Skipper, of England, hit 2:38:52 to run into second place, some 20 minutes behind Frodeno). But it was more than enough to secure Frodeno’s performance as the greatest in history over the 140.6-mile distance.