What nationality is Jessica Gomes?

What nationality is Jessica Gomes?

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Jessica Gomes (born 25 September 1985) is an Australian model who appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of the American publication Sports Illustrated every year from 2008 to 2015. She works extensively in Australia and Asia. Gomes was the featured spokesperson for Australian company David Jones Limited from 2013 to Dec 2019.

How old is Jessica Gomez?

36 years (September 25, 1985)
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Who is Jessica Gomes mother?

Jenny Gomes
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Who are Jessica Gomes parents?

Jenny Gomes
Joe Gomes
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How tall is Jessica Gomes?

5′ 10″
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How much does Jessica Gomes weigh?

Jessica Gomes Wiki Age Height Weight Bio Boyfriend

Full Name Jessica Gomes
Nationality Australian
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 49 Kg
Body Measurement 34-24-36

Who’s the girl that says Maybach Music?

supermodel Jessica Gomes
Listeners know Rick Ross as the husky voice behind Maybach Music Group’s records, but what about the seductive female voice that namedrops the label before every record? Apparently, that woman is Australian supermodel Jessica Gomes. After tweeting a brief “Maybach Music.

How did Jessica Gomes become a celebrity in South Korea?

This ad campaign is credited as having pushed Gomes to stardom in South Korea. Her popularity grew, and by 2013 between her spokesmanships and Korean television show appearances, she had reached celebrity status.

Where does my name is Jessica Gomes come from?

Her Chinese-Portuguese heritage has contributed to her popularity in the Asian market, and in 2009, her reality TV-show My Name Is Jessica Gomes was launched on the English language South Korean television network On Style owned by On-Media. In the shows second season it chronicled her time in New York.

What kind of TV show is Jessica Gomes in?

The actress will appear in the 2020 Netflix drama Tigertail. Gomes was cast in the famous Chinese Pop singer Z.Tao’s music video “Crown.” 6. 7. 8. 9.

Where did Jessica Gomes rank on Maxim list?

Gomes ranked 25 in Maxim’s Top 25 Hottest Females of 2012. In 2009, My Name Is Jessica Gomes; her reality show was aired on South Korean television network On Style. She participated in the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars in 2011. 5.