What type of haircut did Brigitte Bardot have?

What type of haircut did Brigitte Bardot have?

Pixie cuts first hit the scene back in the 1960s thanks to doe-eyed British model Twiggy. So popular was the look that Brigitte traded in her trademark blonde mane for a platinum feathered pixie cut for a film role.

What was Brigitte Bardot natural hair color?

dark blond
2 of 17 1955. A doe-eyed Bardot showcased her natural dark blond hair in Doctor at Sea.

What is a Bardot haircut?

The “Bardot cut” has been making appearances on runways and red carpets for over half a century, and it’s back on trend once again. Inspired by French style icon Brigitte Bardot, this timeless haircut is all about effortless, layered volume paired with long curtain fringes (also called “Bardot bangs”).

Did Bridget Bardot dye her hair?

When you think of Brigitte Bardot, the usual image that comes to mind is a stunning French woman with a big blonde coif — but she actually wore the brown side ponytail just as well. …

Is Brigitte Bardot natural blonde?

Early on in her career, you can see that she had a more youthful, innocent look with a darker shade of hair but that after her rise to popularity, they made her a sexy platinum blonde, naturally…

What is Brigitte Bardot style?

Bardot was well aware of the power of accessorizing in her own signature French way. The actress paired wide cloth headbands with simple outfits comprised of monochromatic tops and pants or pencil skirts and sweaters. Paired with a dramatic cat eye, the hair accessory added an extra touch of glam to an effortless look.

What kind of hair did Brigitte Bardot have?

It practically goes without saying that Brigitte Bardot is a pop-culture icon. The French actress, singer, and sex symbol became popular in America in the 1950s and 1960s, and while her style and toothy smile are iconic, it’s perhaps those Bardot bangs that are the most recognizable trait.

How are Bardot Bangs supposed to look like?

The bangs styles are very distinctly visible because of their unkempt look and effortlessly elegant appearance. The bangs are shorter at the front and longer at the temples. The Bardot inspired bangs are often parted above the center of the face making it instantly recognizable and always intriguing.

When does the curtain Bang come back on Bardot?

When seen on Bardot below, it’s obvious why this flirty curtain bang is back and with a vengeance in 2021. Another iconic wearer of the chunky, parted bang is timeless blonde, Goldie Hawn.