When was the iCandy Peach 2 released?

When was the iCandy Peach 2 released?

The iCandy Peach 2 is a second generation of the most popular iCandy model – the Peach, released in 2012.

What is the peach 3?

The Peach 3 is one of the most popular urban, ‘shopping’ pushchairs out there, so the shopping basket is always going to be important. Depending on your shopping habits, the basket is large and should easily fit in your changing bag and a couple of shopping bags.

How long can you use iCandy peach?

What age is the iCandy Peach suitable for? The Peach can be used from birth with the carrycot and has been tested up to 25kg, which should last a toddler well into their fourth year (if they don’t outgrow the seat).

Can an iCandy peach be made into a double?

The iCandy Peach 5 released in 2018 and iCandy Peach 6, launched in 2020, are simple and easy to convert from a single Peach pushchair into a double or twin. Plus, both models use all the same converter parts making shopping for the additional parts even easier.

Does iCandy peach convert to double?

The iCandy Orange 2017 and 2019 edition, all use the same parts to convert a single Orange pushchair to either a double or twin, making the process of buying additional parts really simple and straightforward!

Where is the serial number on an iCandy Peach?

The batch and serial number can be found on the lower half of the frame where the basket is located. If you’re unsure how to find the batch and serial number on your iCandy Peach, the pushchair brand has created a short video, below, to help parents.

Does iCandy Peach fold with seat unit?

iCandy Peach Review 2019: Fold The new Peach is still a two-part fold. That said, it’s a fairly simple one. Removing the seat unit is easy with the memory buttons and of course we had to test the operation whilst holding baby in one arm – and can confirm that it is possible!

Is the iCandy Peach 3 a tandem pushchair?

Now in its third reincarnation, the iCandy Peach 3 is loved by many parents and has the ability to upgrade to a tandem pushchair, without having to increase its footprint. We take a look at the newest version to see how it compares. With family firmly in iCandy ‘s heritage, they sure know how to create a pushchair that you will love.

What are the different flavours of iCandy Peach 3?

The iCandy Peach 3 comes in eight different flavours; Black Magic, Jet, Cobalt, Truffle, Fuchsia, Azure, Marshmallow, and Sherbet. The chassis is either a Matt Black or shiny Chrome Finish, depending on the colour seat unit that you choose.

How tall is the handlebar on the iCandy Peach 3?

As the plastics are ‘colour coded’ black, they match the frame perfectly and with the iCandy logo now lasered on to the frame, there’s no worry that it will be rubbed off. To cover the height of anyone doing the pushing, the Peach 3’s handlebar can be adjusted to four different settings, from 95-105cm.

How do you fold an iCandy Peach pushchair?

The two part fold on the Peach can be done one handed and is really easy to do. To start the fold, just slide the handlebar down to its lowest position, so that it disengages the folding hub locks. The handle then drops down to the floor and you can pick up the strap from inside the basket to fold the rest of the chassis.