Where can I download DEM files?

Where can I download DEM files?

Digital elevation data for the United States and its territories are available through The National Map Downloader. Click the “Help” link at the top of the page for detailed instructions on how to find and download data. There is a separate site for The National Map Services.

Where can I find dem files?

There are two methods to obtain DEM data:

  • Using DATASETS: If you know the name of the quadrangle or area, you can obtain the files individually.
  • USGS GEOSpatial clearinghouse: http://www.usgs.gov.
  • GeoCommunity: http://data.geocomm.com *
  • MapMart: http://www.mapmart.com *
  • ATDI: http://www.atdi-us.com.

How can I download merit Dem?

MERIT DEM is available for download at http://hydro.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~yamadai/MERIT_DEM/. The copyright of MERIT DEM is held by the developers, 2018, all rights reserved.

How do I download National Elevation Dataset?

National Elevation Dataset (NED): how to access Click the Download Data tool near the top right corner of the viewer banner. Use the current map extent, choose a reference area polygon from the Download options dropdown menu, or create your own custom polygon. Select the data theme of Elevation and product format.

Which is the latest version of CGIAR CSI SRTM?

The current release is Version 4. It is envisaged that CGIAR-CSI SRTM Version 4 is our definitive and final release of the 3-arc-second product. However, we do plan some improvements which will be updated as patches. These will include areas where new high-resolution DEMs become available for the interpolation of holes.

Is there a way to download SRTM files?

just look under “Digital Elevation: SRTM” or directly from their FTP site files are named according to latitude and longitude The GLCF is also a convenient way to browse and download SRTM data, in GeoTIFF format – for more information, see the GLCF SRTM page . They also offer direct FTP access.

How is SRTM data used in the USGS?

SRTM data was used to update the older USGS GTOPO30 global DEM, by averaging to 30 arc-sec resolution and replacing GTOPO30 heixels between the latitudes of 60° North and 56° South. The resulting data can be directly downloaded and is now (as of 2004) the best available global 1km elevation dataset!

When was the first release of SRTM data?

The first release of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data was provided in 1-degree digital elevation model (DEM) tiles from the USGS FTP server ( ftp://e0srp01u.ecs.nasa.gov/srtm/) in 2003. The data was released continent by continent, as and when the data was processed by NASA and the USGS.