Where did Antonio Gasalla live in Buenos Aires?

Where did Antonio Gasalla live in Buenos Aires?

Antonio Gasalla was born in Ramos Mejía, a western suburb of Buenos Aires, in 1941. He enrolled at the National Dramatic Arts Conservatory, and began his work in Buenos Aires’ vibrant theatre scene in 1964 as an understudy, by which he befriended a colleague, Uruguayan émigré Carlos Perciavalle.

What was Antonio Gasalla’s most popular TV show?

The most popular of these was El palacio de la risa ( The Palace of Laughter ), where television audiences became acquainted with his feminine roles. His comic portrayals earned his first Martín Fierro Award, the most prestigious in Argentine entertainment, in 1994.

Who are the main characters in Antonio Gasalla?

Some of the best-known over the years have included: Grandma/Mamá Cora: a senile, though willful, nonagenarian. Soledad Solari: a woman with multiple phobias. Inesita: a high-society maven frequently under her plastic surgeon’s knife (often with disastrous consequences).