Where do I park at UCSD?

Where do I park at UCSD?

Visitor parking:

  1. Valid parking permits: UC San Diego A, B, and S (student) parking permits are valid in the Gilman Parking Structure, in the matching marked spaces.
  2. Metered parking is sometimes available along Myers Drive (1-hour limit), or on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Gilman Parking Structure (2-hour limit).

Where is free parking at UCSD?

We’re supporting increased pick-up and drop-off activity with thirty minutes of free parking in V spaces when you start your session with ParkMobile or a parking pay station. We’ve also expanded our network of passenger loading zones. We’re providing hand sanitizer stations in elevator lobbies and at paystations.

Can freshman have cars at UCSD?

Note: First- and second-year students are not granted parking permits at UC San Diego. Find other ways to commute to campus or find off-campus parking.

How much is parking at UCSD?

Permit Options

Permits S B
Payroll N/A $90/mo.
Consecutive Day (30 days to 365 days) N/A $3/day
10 Days N/A $50
1 Day ParkMoble Only $4.50 $5

Does UCSD have free parking on weekends?

Weekend charges will only apply to individuals who do not have parking permits. Current permit and virtual one-day passes are valid in all A, B, S and V spaces on weekends. Lot P782 will be free on Saturdays and Sundays, and it will be served by the Weekend Shuttle.

Is parking free on weekends at UCSD?

We expect that parking for UC San Diego signature events will continue to be free. How will this affect weekend visitors? During paid parking hours, weekend visitors will be required to purchase a daily permit or pay the hourly parking rate.

Can you have a car on campus at UCSD?

Visitors who need daily or hourly parking can use meters or purchase pay station permits. Visiting UC faculty and staff who hold annual permits at their home campuses are eligible for up to five consecutive days of free parking at UC San Diego.

How much does a parking permit cost at UCSD?

How much does a parking permit cost? Student parking can be purchased in lots of different forms from daily permits ($4) to annual permits ($780). To view your options visit UCSD Transportation.

How do I pay for parking at UCSD?

We’ve got you covered. You can either call ParkMobile at (877) 727-5932 or purchase a daily permit through the UC San Diego parking portal.

How much are parking passes at UCSD?