Where do they do the human tower?

Where do they do the human tower?

Every year in Spain, a Catalan tradition of building Castells—human towers reaching up to 10 stories—takes place. Teams called colles compete to build the tallest and most complex tower made only of human beings standing atop one another.

What are Los Castellers?

The tradition of building human towers in Catalonia has existed for over 200 years: we call it Castellers. Castellers are people who build towers with their bodies and make different constructions called castells (castles).

How tall are the human towers in Spain?

Teams from around the region gathered in a former bull ring in Tarragona to build human towers. These towers consist of up to ten layers of people standing on top of each other, reaching heights of up to 36 feet.

When did human towers start?

24, 2018. The tradition of building human towers or “castells” dates back to the 18th century and takes place during festivals in Catalonia, where “colles” or teams compete to build the tallest and most complicated towers.

In which Spanish city is the human Towers festival?

The Catalan Festival of Barcelona: Human towers and other traditions.

Where is castells celebrated?

The castells have their origins in a traditional folklore dance in the city of Valls. The steps of the dance were accompanied with the flute, as it is still played today during the tower building. At the end of the dance a small human tower was built.

What happens at Los Castellers?

Performances. Traditionally, the castellers perform their tower building during the main parts of larger festivals. Usually, three colles come together and build their human edifices. If you have the chance to watch the building of a castell, do so as it really is a very special event.

Why do people celebrate Los Castellers?

Els Castells, the human towers, represent solidarity and team spirit among Catalan people. On these depend the success of the tower and even the life of the aixecadors, the young children that climb up to airy heights of more than eight meters to complete the tower.

How many people could be on the bottom level of a human tower La pinya?

Three kinds of base levels are most commonly used: Pinya (“pine cone/bulk”): the ground-level base, often composed of several hundred people. Most towers have this, so it is not mentioned in the name.

Where to see the human towers in Barcelona?

You still have a pretty good chance to see them in action as the Castellers of Gràcia allow you at a reasonable price to attend their weekly rehearsals. Find more info on this at the end of the post. To whet your appetite, check out this fantastic video explaining the world of the human towers.

Who are the Castellers of the human towers?

Castellers de Vilafranca is a sports and cultural Catalan institution whose main goal is building human towers. We are a nonprofit organization of public interest. Since its foundation in 1948, Castellers de Vilafranca has become one of the most important and recognized institutions in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Why do they build human towers in Catalonia?

Catalonia’s increasingly resolute fight for independence has also brought about a surge in popularity for the region’s human-tower building tradition, which serves as an important source of national pride and a point of differentiation from the rest of Spain. So what is the secret underpinning these swaying spectacles?

Where did the tradition of building human towers come from?

The Catalan tradition of building human towers or castells (the Catalan word for ‘castle’) originated in Valls, near the city of Tarragona in Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain with its own distinct language and culture. Since the 1980s the phenomenon has become increasingly popular…