Where is bog easy in Epic Mickey 2?

Where is bog easy in Epic Mickey 2?

Bog Easy can be accessed, beginning in Episode 2, through the Skeleton Dance v1 Projector Screen in Mean Street North. Bog Easy consists of three separate areas – the entry area, the second area reached by going into then through the shop in the first area, and the area reached through the boathouse.

Who is the villain in Epic Mickey 2?

The Mad Doctor
The Mad Doctor (alias Dr. XXX) is the secondary antagonist and key villain in Epic Mickey and is the hidden secondary twist (and final) antagonist in its sequel. The Mad Doctor is the animatronic mastermind responsible for the creation of the robotic Beetleworx that hinder Mickey’s path in the Cartoon Wasteland.

How do you get the bad ending in Epic Mickey 2?

Epic Mickey 2

  1. In Epic Mickey 2, if the Mad Doctor is killed, Yen Sid says that Mickey and Oswald managed to save Wasteland, despite making some missteps on the way.
  2. In all bosses of Epic Mickey 2, the end result of two bosses is determined only by whether the player uses paint or thinner in the last part of the battle.

Which Epic Mickey ending is canon?

Epic Mickey 2
Epic Mickey 2 treats mostly the good ending of the first game as canon, with the exception of the Clock Tower that was canonically defeated with thinner, Captain Hook (who “disappeared”) and a couple minor choices. However, for the most part the game remains vague on the canonity of the first game.

What is the easiest way to fix the bog train station?

Approach the wooden platform next to the train station and let Oswald do his thing to power it up. Now use the TV sketch to lure the train conductor to the station. This is easier if the TV sketch upgrade has been purchased (can be found in the Bog Easy shop).

How do you open the gate in Bog Easy?

Deal with the replicator in the same manner as the first one (its in the tree) and then finish off all the Beetleworx. Move into the Boathouse and jump over the crocs. Grab one of the levers on the side and wait for Oswald to grab the other then pull to open the door.

What are the villains in epic?

Mandrake is the main antagonist of Blue Sky’s eighth animated feature film Epic, based on William Joyce’s 1996 book of the same name. He is the villainous leader of the Boggans, whose goal is to destroy the Leafmen (especially his arch-nemesis Ronin) and take over their kingdom.

Are there different endings in Epic Mickey?

The Good Ending (also called the Paint path or Heartwarming Ending) is an ending Mickey can unlock in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The good ending is obtained when Mickey makes the morally right choices in certain major quests.

Can you avoid Donald in Epic Mickey 2?

In Epic Mickey 2, it is possible to complete the game without coming across Donald at all. He is the only one of Mickey’s Animatronic friends that can be ‘avoided’. Concept art of Animatronic Donald. Promotional render.

Where is the Radio Shack in Epic Mickey?

Near the Bog Easy Square, there is a shack in which Louis and the Radio live (probably based on the shack on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland which the boats pass). The location also makes a return in Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two, as Mickey and Oswald race through in their search for Prescott.

Is there animatronic Donald in Bog Easy?

Donald’s robotic counterpart appears in Bog Easy (Wasteland’s version of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square area). He retains his normal look from the cartoons he was featured, but with noticeable differences.

Who is the shop owner in Bog Easy?

There is a shop in Bog Easy run by Bertrand, but Mickey will have to find his shop sign first after Mickey defeated the Mad Doctor. He sells Animatronic Donald’s parts which Mickey missed at the Lonesome Manor. The price is 1000 E-Tickets for each part.