Where is DJ Dota 2 now?

Where is DJ Dota 2 now?

Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti (formerly known as Chrissy) is a Filipino professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Fnatic.

Does Faker play Dota 2?

Eliseo “Kxy” Arancibia, also known as “Faker”, is a Peruvian professional Dota 2 player who last played for Infamous.

Where is Kuku Palad now?

Carlo “Kuku” Palad is a Filipino professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Geek Fam.

Who is Armel?

Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios is a Filipino professional Dota 2 player who last played for TNC Predator.

Which is better lol or Dota 2?

DOTA 2 boasts a steep learning curve, while League of Legends is fairly easy to pick up on. So to sum up, a player who prefers slow and complex gameplay will opt for DOTA 2, while a player who prefers faster gameplay and simplified mechanics will opt for League of Legends. It all comes down to personal preference.

When is Doe B’s new album Coming out?

In early 2017, a new Doe B album cover of Doe B lying in his casket was released. The cover caused controversy and was later changed. Doe B’s manager DJ Frank White, along with Doe B’s mother announced a new Doe B album, that would be released on June 13, 2017, Doe B’s birthday. The album’s name is titled “No life After Death”.

Who was the rapper known as Doe B?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Glenn Thomas (June 13, 1991 – December 28, 2013), better known by his stage name Doe B, was an American rapper from Montgomery, Alabama. He was perhaps best known for being signed to fellow American rapper T.I. ‘s Atlanta-based record label, Hustle Gang.

When did Doe B get signed to Grand Hustle?

The mixtape, which hosted by American disc jockeys DJ Frank White and DJ Scream, includes production from Lex Luger, Zaytoven, M16 and Will-A-Fool, among others. He was signed to Grand Hustle Records by the label’s founder T.I. in 2012 and appeared on Hustle Gang’s G.D.O.D. (Get Dough Or Die) compilation mixtape, which was released May 2013.

Who was killed in the Doe B shooting?

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. A bystander, Kimberle Johnson, was also killed, and six other patrons were injured, including rapper Young Mayo, who is currently serving time for drug possession.