Where is DLA HQ located?

Where is DLA HQ located?

Fort Belvoir, Virginia, United States
Defense Logistics Agency/Headquarters

Is DLA a government agency?

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is a combat support agency in the United States Department of Defense (DoD), with more than 26,000 civilian and military personnel throughout the world.

How many locations does DLA distribution have worldwide?

Located in eight countries and 20 states and territories, it delivers best-value supply chain solutions, including receiving, storing and issuing supplies to increase warfighter readiness.

What is DLA UIC?

What is a UIC? The Unit Identification Code is a six-character code created by the DoD Components to identify an activity in manpower and readiness reporting systems. The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD P&R) is the DoD “owner” of the UIC.

Is DLA part of the DoD?

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the largest U.S. Dept. of Defense Agency and is the centralized agency for most Defense purchases. DLA supports defense procurement through its Headquarters, 4 Defense Supply Centers, a Defense Distribution Center (DDC) and 3 Service Centers.

Is DLA a DoD agency?

How is DLA funded?

DLA receives funding through its Working Capital Fund (WCF), General Fund (GF), and Transaction Fund (TF). DLA prepares financial statements and notes for the WCF, GF and TF. The GF Financial Statements are presented only for FY 2017.

What are the nine supply chains of DLA?

These commodities and services are managed by supply chain: Aviation, Land, Maritime, Medical, Subsistence, Clothing & Textiles, Construction Supplies & Equipment, Industrial Hardware, and Energy. DLA Aviation is DLA’s combat logistics and aviation demand and supply chain manager.

How do I find my DoDAAC code?

To quickly find FORCE applications required for DODAAC searches, in Keyword Search box enter “DODAAC” and in Business Area box enter “FORCE.” Everyone must now customize their LIW portal. So your portal page will vary, depending on the application buttons you pick to display. DODAAC SEARCH from the list.

What is a reporting unit code?

(4) Reporting Unit Code (RUC). A RUC is a 5-position, alpha-numeric identifier created by HQMC (M&RA) to identify a unit, activity, or sub- reporting unit for manpower reporting in Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS).

Where is the DLA distribution center in Washington State?

The distribution center is situated on the Sinclair inlet; part of the Puget Sound to the west of Seattle and northwest of Tacoma. Both Seattle and Tacoma are located just across Puget Sound and within fifty miles as are other major Department of Defense activities such as Joint Base Lewis McChord (Army/Air Force).

Where are DLA Land and maritime detachment located?

For more information, please contact: DLA Maritime at Puget Sound Commercial phone: 360-476-0302. July 19, 2019 – DLA Land and Maritime detachment at Puget Sound participated in the “Meet the Buyers” small business outreach event in Bremerton, Washington, July 17.

Who is DLA maritime Puget Sound code PMBB?

May 19, 2019 – DLA Maritime – Puget Sound is better equipped to assist its shipyard customers with their material needs after developing a new team. The first of its kind technical review team was established in October 2018 by DLA Maritime – Puget Sound Code PMBB.

What does DLA do in the Pacific Northwest?

The center is able to provide immediate support to industrial and war fighting customers, as well as, to disaster relief efforts. Direct support is provided for the various home-ported and transient ships in the Pacific Northwest, including air craft carriers, submarines and supply ships.