Where is Gnowbe based?

Where is Gnowbe based?

Most of Gnowbe’s customers are based in Singapore, but with its ongoing US launch, the mix is expected to change.

When was Gnowbe founded?

Co-Founder Founded in 2000, the mission of The Young Professionals’ Group (YPG) is to provide financial support, guidance, and advice to high school seniors planning to further their education through a 4-year or 2-year college or a trade school.

What is Microlearning platform?

Microlearning platforms are corporate learning solutions employed by HR and learning and development (L&D) departments. These training solutions provide employees with short bursts of focused educational content that fit into a daily workflow and are accessible on any device.

Is micro learning effective?

Here’s why microlearning is more efficient than traditional longer-duration courses: Because bite-sized courses are more focused, learners don’t have to clutter their memories with irrelevant information. This makes retention easier. Learners have to digest only small chunks of information.

What are the examples of micro learning?

Microlearning examples

  • Microcopy. Short, targeted, highly contextual messages or hints, to help users learn.
  • Microlearning videos. Short, focused videos that are designed to meet a specific learning outcome.
  • Microlearning apps or mobile apps.
  • Micro-challenges and games.
  • Infographics.
  • Social Media.

What are the benefits of Microlearning?

5 Benefits Of Corporate Microlearning

  • Reduces Cognitive Overload. Employees are able to access small bits of information instead of having to consume large quantities.
  • Improves Knowledge Retention And Recall.
  • Provides “Moment of Need” Support.
  • Improves Employee Engagement And Motivation.
  • Saves Time And Money.

Why is micro learning important?

Microlearning can help prepare workers for a task that they haven’t done in a while. The short bite-sized duration means workers can easily schedule it into their day, giving you the flexibility to distribute the course close to when the upcoming task will begin.

When should you not use Microlearning?

4 Situations When you Should NOT Use Microlearning

  • DON’T Use Microlearning Just Because it’s Trendy.
  • DON’T Use Microlearning to Tackle Complex Concepts.
  • DON’T Use Microlearning for Mastery Over a Subject.
  • DON’T Use Microlearning as a Replacement for eLearning.

How do you do micro-learning?

8 Tips for Creating Effective Microlearning Courses

  1. Know your learners.
  2. Identify a single precise learning objective.
  3. Apply the “Learning By Doing” mantra to your content: Content used in traditional e-learning courses cannot be used ‘as is’ in microlearning courses.
  4. Identify and focus on must-learn content.

What is a Microcourse?

We’ll be talking about micro-courses today. They are essentially short-form courses that focus on very niche and narrowed down topics. They have their own unique strengths, opportunities, and advantages.

What is microlearning And why care about it?

Microlearning feeds information to learners through many short courses or modules instead of through a single long and laborious training. As a result, microlearning makes it possible for learners to gain new knowledge just in time to meet their immediate needs.

Why microlearning is the future of training in the workplace?

This reframing of content through microlearning can be easily applied to any corporate training program. Instead of long, constantly interrupted courses, microlearning is brief and easily digestible. It’s ultra-focused with precise, measurable goals. Above all, microlearning helps make training simple and fun.

What is the purpose of the gnowbe app?

Gnowbe is an interactive communications and education mobile app powered by a robust analytics engine to digitize the human experience in multiple contexts from learning to meetings to knowledge sharing in fun, engaging…

How is gnowbe used in the real world?

Gnowbe is designed based on the latest research and science on how people learn: not by passive listening but through application and reflection. Gnowbe leverages social learning and gamification to encourage active engagement and inspire action.

Who is the CEO of the company gnowbe?

So-Young, CEO of Gnowbe, launched Awaken Group, a human-centered transformation design firm, in 2010. Her team was looking for a way to digitize and scale experiential workshops, coaching, and soft skills training.

How is gnowbe a platform for microlearning?

Gnowbe’s mobile-first, microlearning platform allows anyone to author and access ready-made content anytime, anywhere via mobile, tablet or web in measurable ways. Gnowbe is designed based on the latest research and science on how people learn: not by passive listening but through application and reflection.