Where is Marcello Lippi now?

Where is Marcello Lippi now?

On 24 May 2019, Marcello Lippi was re-appointed as head coach of China, replacing compatriot Fabio Cannavaro after his brief tenure. He resigned for the second time that year on 15 November, following a 2–1 defeat to Syria.

How old is Marcello Lippi?

73 years (April 12, 1948)
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Who is the coach of Inter Milan?

Simone Inzaghi
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Who is the Italian national team coach?

Roberto Mancini
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Who does Roberto Mancini manage?

Italy national football teamAssociation football manager, since 2018
FC ZenitAssociation football manager, 2017–2018Inter MilanAssociation football manager, 2014–2016Galatasaray S.K.Association football manager, 2013–2014Manchester City F.C.Association football manager, 2009–2013
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Who is China football manager?

Li Tie
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Li Tie, manager of the Chinese men’s national football team, had his contract with the Chinese Football Association (CFA) extended to 2026, the organization confirmed on Sunday.

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Who is AC Milan new coach?

Stefano Pioli

Personal information
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Position(s) Centre-back
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Current team AC Milan (manager)

Who is coach of Real Madrid?

Carlo Ancelotti
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Who is the captain of Italy Football Team 2021?

Giorgio Chiellini
Goalkeepers, Gianluigi Buffon and Lorenzo Buffon are distant cousins. Attilio Ferraris and Pietro Ferraris, despite the same surname, are not relatives. Giorgio Chiellini is the current captain of the national team.

What teams has Roberto Martinez managed?

Belgium national football teamAssociation football manager, since 2016
Everton FCAssociation football manager, 2013–2016
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