Where is Oblock on map?

Where is Oblock on map?

The Chicago Sun-Times is supported by readers like you. They call it “O Block.” On maps, it’s the 6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Whats the strongest gang in Chicago?

Conservative Vice Lords and Traveling Vice Lords (TVL) being the largest of the factions. The Vice Lords are allied with other elements of the People Nation, such as the Black P Stones and Latin Kings, and its main rivals are the Gangster Disciples and other gangs in the Folk Nation.

Where is La Raza gang from?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. La Raza is a street gang founded in Chicago in 1973. Their colors are green, white, and red (same as the Mexican flag). Their symbols include the Mexican flag, cross, and a six-point star.

Is O Block Gd or BD?

“BDK” (Black Disciple Killers) also known as “GD” (Gangster Disciples) is a gang in Chicago. 1. Boss Top (Chicago rapper) hipwiki 7. He spent most of his life in Parkway Gardens, aka “O’Block” located at the corner of 64th and Martin Luther King Drive on the South Side of Chicago.

Who is the most feared gangster in Chicago?

Al Capone “Scarface” One of the most infamous criminals in American history, Al Capone first came to Chicago at age 20 and would go on to become to head of the Chicago Mafia during the prohibition era.

What gang is in Chicago?

Some of the gangs that contribute most of the crime on the streets of Chicago:

  • Gangster Disciples.
  • Vice Lords.
  • Black P. Stones.
  • Latin Kings.
  • Black Disciples.
  • Maniac Latin Disciples.
  • Spanish Cobras.
  • Almighty Saints.

Is O-Block Gd?

The Chicago-based Gangster Disciples, rivals of the Black Disciples, also are active in Atlanta, authorities say. Drive, where Parkway Gardens is located, is called O Block after the 2011 killing of Black Disciples member Odee Perry. The area had the most shootings in Chicago between 2011 and 2014.

What kind of gangs live in Chicago Heights?

Chicago Heights would continue to see growing gang activity in the 1980s as new Chicago based organizations moved into the community such as: Latin Kings, Latin Counts, Imperial Gangsters, Mickey Cobras, Black Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers.

What is the crime rate in Chicago Heights?

Chicago Heights still remains a community with a very high crime rate and heavier amounts of gang violence. The community also suffers from annual murders with a minimum of at least 3 reported homicides in a year.

When did the Black P Stones gang come to Chicago?

Poverty became a major issue for young black youths living in the Bloom and Hill sections of town as everyday living was becoming rough. In the year 1964 the Black P Stones Chicago based street gang made a conquest of the south suburbs and one of those suburbs targeted became Chicago Heights.

Where are the tough areas in Chicago Heights?

Other areas that are tough and higher on crime is Vollmer Road on the north, Independence Drive on the south, West End Avenue on the east, Coolidge Street to Chicago Road on the west. Another tough area is Boston Street to Andover Street on the north, Beacon Boulevard on the south, Euclid Avenue on the east, Western Avenue on the west.