Where is the best diving in the Cayman Islands?

Where is the best diving in the Cayman Islands?

Bloody Bay Marine Park
Bloody Bay Wall- Most scuba divers will say this is their favorite dive site in the Cayman Islands. The protected Bloody Bay Marine Park lies in Little Cayman and offers magnificent marine life, great visibility, and spectacular bioluminescent corals.

Can you shore dive in Grand Cayman?

One of our favorite ways to discover what lies beneath the waves is to go shore diving in Grand Cayman. With so many dive sites that are easily accessible by shore, it’s the perfect alternative to boat dives.

How deep is the Kittiwake wreck?

Kittiwake’s Diving Location The Kittiwake has a max depth of 65 ft deep with the top of the wreck in around 15ft.

Where can I dive in Grand Cayman?

Here are some of the dive sites that get the most acclaim:

  • Bloody Bay Marine Park on Little Cayman.
  • Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock south of Georgetown Grand Caymans.
  • Sunset Reef at Sunset House resort Grand Caymans.
  • Kittiwake is a 251-foot-long (76.5 m) former submarine support ship.
  • Babylon North Wall Grand Cayman.

Is travel to Cayman Islands Open?

The Cayman Islands is closed for tourism. People traveling for essential reasons will be requested to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test and undergo a mandatory 5-14 day mandatory quarantine. People who get their vaccines in the Islands or in the U.K., only need to quarantine for 5 days.

How many official dive sites are there in the Cayman Islands?

There are 240 dive sites around Grand Cayman Island. Another 65 dive sites are located around Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is not far behind with 60 dive sites.

How did the USS Kittiwake sink?

At its most shallow, the wreck of Kittiwake was 15 feet (4.6 meters) below the surface of the water and at its deepest, 64 feet (19.5 meters) below the surface. In October 2017 the wreck moved towards a nearby natural reef and fell to its port side due to wave action from passing Tropical Storm Nate.

Where is Kittiwake located?

Grand Cayman
The USS Kittiwake is one of the best-known wreck dives in the Caribbean, if not the world. Its convenient location, just off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, and shallow depths make it a popular site among scuba divers as well as snorkelers and freedivers.

Is east or west better Grand Cayman diving?

The West Side is a true divers delight with the biggest diversity of sites anywhere on the island. The conditions offer perfect Cayman diving over 340 days of the year, WEST IS BEST! We leave from the dock at West Bay, which means we are a five-minute boat ride from some of the most popular and famous Grand Cayman dive sites.

Is Grand Cayman a safe island?

YES , Grand Cayman is generally a safe place to travel. Whether you are roaming solo or traveling with someone, as long as you know the information mentioned above, you will likely not stumble across any problem during your trip.

Where is the Grand Cayman Island?

The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea approximately ninety miles south of Cuba. Grand Cayman is by far the largest, the most populous, and the most visited.

Is Grand Caymen a country?

The Cayman Islands are a British dependency and island country . It is a three-island archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, consisting of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.