Where to find Aval Atheron skyrim?

Where to find Aval Atheron skyrim?

Aval Atheron is one of merchants with a stall in the marketplace in Windhelm. He is the brother of Faryl and Suvaris Atheron. In the evenings, he can be found at the New Gnisis Cornerclub.

Who is Aval Atheron?

Aval Atheron is a Dark Elf pawnbroker and street vendor in Windhelm. He is the only one in the Atheron family who owns a business; his brother Faryl works for a local Nord farmer and his sister Suvaris works for Torbjorn Shatter-Shield at the Clan Shatter-Shield Office.

Is Suvaris Atheron a vampire?

Suvaris Atheron is a Dark Elf citizen who resides in Windhelm, in the segregated “Gray Quarter”.

How do I steal Suvaris Atherons logbook?

To do this, simply walk into the Shatter-Shield office, which is next to the East Empire Company office and unlocked during daytime hours. The item you need to steal, Suvaris Atheron’s logbook, will be marked with a quest marker in the back of the building. Return to Orthus when you’re done with that.

Where is Revyn Skyrim?

Revyn Sadri is a male Dark Elf and a trader who can be found in Sadri’s Used Wares in Windhelm.

Where is the trader in Windhelm?

Windhelm Marketplace is the local marketplace in Windhelm. The marketplace consists of a group of stalls and shops close to the Blacksmith Quarters and The White Phial. During the day, when the Marketplace is open, stalls sell various items, from armor to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Who is severio Pelagia?

Severio Pelagia is an Imperial in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who can be found wandering around both inside and outside of Whiterun. He generally works at Pelagia Farm during the day, visits the Drunken Huntsman in the evenings, and sleeps in his own house in Whiterun at night. He is Nimriel’s lover.

Why is Rolff essential?

he is essential because he is a possible target for the pickpocket job radiant quests for the theives guild. this sort of thing is the reason for the sheer amount of nonsensical essential npc’s in towns.

How do you get into the house of clan shatter-shield?

House of Clan Shatter-Shield[edit] The yard in front and to the sides of the house contain nothing of interest. Upon entering through the master locked entrance you enter into a dining room with a long wooden table with benches either side in the center, doorways to the south and in the northeastern corner.

Where can you find Adelaisa?

Adelaisa Vendicci is an Imperial member of the East Empire Company. During and after completion of the quest “Rise in the East,” Vendicci can be found inside the East Empire Company office near the docks outside Windhelm. She is eligible as a follower, house steward, or Blades recruit.

Can you marry Revyn Sadri?

Interactions. Revyn becomes a candidate for marriage if the Dragonborn wears the Amulet of Mara and speaks to him after finishing his quest in his favor. Also, Revyn is a Common-level Speech trainer.

Can you marry Ghorbash the iron hand?

He can, however, be convinced via persuasion, paying him, or beating him in a brawl. Once he is convinced to take up adventuring again, he can be a follower, or speaking to him again when wearing an Amulet of Mara opens up Ghorbash as a marriage candidate: “That amulet.