Which Anna Karenina translation is best?

Which Anna Karenina translation is best?

By far the best translation is the Penguin version translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. They are a married couple who have translated many Russian novels (their War & Peace was exquisite).

Are there different translations of Anna Karenina?

First translation = Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. Second translation = Aylmer and Louise Maude. Third translation = Constance Garnett.

Who is the best translator of Tolstoy?

Aylmer and Louise Maude translation Critics generally say this is the most faithful translation of War and Peace. The Maudes knew Tolstoy well, spent a long time living in Moscow, and spoke impeccable Russian. Tolstoy even gave the Maudes his approval for their translation.

Who is the author and actress of Anna Karenina?

For other uses, see Anna Karenina (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Anna Karina, the actress. Anna Karenina (Russian: «Анна Каренина», IPA: [ˈanːə kɐˈrʲenʲɪnə]) is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy, first published in book form in 1878.

Who is Count Kirillovich Vronsky in Anna Karenina?

The story centers on an extramarital affair between Anna and dashing cavalry officer Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky that scandalizes the social circles of Saint Petersburg and forces the young lovers to flee to Italy in a search for happiness, but after they return to Russia, their lives further unravel.

Who was Stepan Oblonsky’s lover in Anna Karenina?

Anna Arkadyevna Karenina ( Анна Аркадьевна Каренина ): Stepan Oblonsky’s sister, Karenin’s wife and Vronsky’s lover. Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky ( Алексей Кириллович Вронский ): Anna’s lover, cavalry officer.

Who is Agafya Mikhailovna in Anna Karenina?

Agafya Mikhailovna: Levin’s former nurse, now his trusted housekeeper. Anna Karenina consists of more than the story of Anna Karenina, a married socialite, and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky, though their relationship is a very strong component of the plot.