Which Beatles vinyl is the best?

Which Beatles vinyl is the best?

And to recap, here are what we believe are the best Beatles albums on vinyl:

  • Magical Mystery Tour– German Apple, Cat.
  • 7. ‘
  • Sgt Pepper – Apple, mono.
  • Please Please Me – Parlophone Stereo.
  • Rubber Soul – Parlophone, Stereo.
  • Abbey Road – Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs.
  • Revolver – Parlophone, Stereo.

Are Beatles vinyl records worth anything?

When The Beatles’ debut album was released in 1963, stereo records were only introduced to the market in limited quantities. Therefore, mint stereo copies with the gold/black label are worth in the region of $4,250. Those in the more “plentiful” mono are worth $1,020.

What is considered to be the best Beatles album?

1. Abbey Road. The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road has gone on to become a defining moment in the illustrious career of one of the greatest bands to have ever walked the planet and, to this day, continues to be regarded as one of the finest records ever made.

What’s considered The Beatles best album?

For many critics, Revolver is the greatest album ever made, an argument I’ll save for another day, but for now, it reigns as The Beatles’ greatest album.

Where can I sell old Beatles records?

Where Can I Sell My Beatles Records?

  • Flea Markets. Garage sales and flea markets bring unpredictable buyers who may or may not be willing to pay what the records are worth.
  • Online Auctions. Online auctions attract the most potential buyers from around the world.
  • Beatles Collectors.
  • Beatles Conventions.
  • Charity Auctions.

Which version of The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s album is worth looking for?

An adapted version of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ record sleeve has been declared the world’s most valuable album cover. The modified artwork, which features pictures of music executives instead of The Beatles themselves, has been valued at approximately £70,000.