Which companies are using Instagram most effectively?

Which companies are using Instagram most effectively?

Read on for a look at 15 of the best company Instagram accounts:

  • #1 Recess. @takearecess / 77.3k followers.
  • #2 Teva. @teva / 539K followers.
  • #3 Haus. @drinkhaus / 32.3k followers.
  • #5 Bala Bangles. @Bala / 90.3K followers.
  • #7 Madewell. @madewell / 1.4 Million followers.
  • #8 Tiffany & Co.
  • #9 Away.
  • #10 Glossier.

How do fashion brands use Instagram?

If your fashion brand wants to do it right on Instagram, follow these 6 steps:

  1. Allow user to shop through your feed.
  2. Work with influencers.
  3. Use Instagram Stories.
  4. Use highlights on your profile.
  5. Find the right hashtags.
  6. Let customers do the work.

Which brands to collaborate with on Instagram?

Brands That Work With Small Influencers

  • Brand: Bandelettes. Category: Fashion.
  • Brand: Glossier. Category: Beauty.
  • Brand: Vitabrid C12. Category: Beauty.
  • Brand: IGK Hair. Category: Beauty.
  • Brand: Jones New York. Category: Fashion.
  • Brand: Rael. Category: Beauty.
  • Brand: Sorel. Category: Fashion.
  • Brand: Joy. Category: Personal care.

What is the most followed fashion brand on Instagram?

The French high-fashion powerhouse Chanel is the leading luxury brand on Instagram, with 21.6 million followers as of May 2017.

Which brands are most active on social media?

The 9 Best Brands on Social Media

  1. GoPro. GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera, has a total of 16.2 million Instagram followers, 2.23 million Twitter followers, over 10.7 million Facebook followers, and a widely used hashtag (#GoPro).
  2. Nike.
  3. Spotify.
  4. Wayfair.
  5. Pop-Tarts.
  6. National Geographic.
  7. Starbucks.
  8. Dove.

How successful brands use Instagram for marketing?

Brands who focus on creating interactive content that their target audience engages with will see their content appear higher on newsfeeds. By leveraging Instagram influencers and native and paid advertising, brands can squeeze the most from Instagram marketing campaigns and drive high-quality traffic to their website.

Why is Instagram good for fashion brands?

“By nature, Instagram is well suited to fashion brands to whom the visual and “community” dimensions are essential: purchases generally linked to a feeling of belonging to a group, or through the imitation of stars, etc,” reports The Conversation: So having a strong fashion-focused Instagram strategy is important.

How do you promote your clothing brand on Instagram?

Instagram Stories: The Do’s and Don’ts for Fashion Brands

  1. Offer a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look for your brand or products.
  2. Amplify Your Event.
  3. Gain quick feedback from one of your best advisers: your followers/customers.
  4. Use filters, stickers and surveys wisely.
  5. Let Influencers, employees and customers take over your stories.

What brands to collaborate with?

12 Best Brand Collaborations and What You Can Learn from Them

  • Cheetos and Forever 21.
  • Lego and Stranger Things.
  • McDonald’s and Burger King.
  • Vans and Harry Potter.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cheetos.
  • Sharpie and Nike.
  • Doritos and Taco Bell.
  • American Eagle and Lil Wayne.

How do you collaborate brands on Instagram?

The critical steps to building an engaged audience are:

  1. Create an enticing bio that makes people want to know you better.
  2. Post regularly and engage with your commenters.
  3. Use 10-15 relevant hashtags on each post.
  4. Use captions to add context to your posts – tell their story.
  5. Only post high-quality images.

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021?

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo
Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo heads the ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts as of July 2021. He is the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with nearly 315.81 million followers.

How many followers does Gucci have on Instagram?

Gucci has 20.3 million followers on the picture-sharing network — its latest posts feature the high-profile actors it dressed in black for the Golden Globes on Monday night — which has helped it attract millennial buyers.

Which is the best fashion brand to follow on Instagram?

15 Fashion Brands to Follow on Instagram. 1 1) Everlane @everlane. While Everlane’s account has no shortage of beautiful product imagery, they also feature photos of their customers wearing 2 2) Nike @nike. 3 3) Teva @teva. 4 4) Zara @zara. 5 5) Fossil @fossil.

How are consumers connecting with fashion brands on Instagram?

Consumers are all for connecting with fashion brands on Instagram too. Since 80% Instagrammers follow a business account, 60% discover new products on the platform and 75% of users take action after viewing a post – it’s the place to be for fashion designers, retailers and e-commerce brands.

Who is the head of fashion for Instagram?

Instagram is even joining in on that conversation, with their new @shop account, curated by Instagram’s Eva Chen, Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships. The account will spotlight brands that “built their voice” on the platform, and will cater to working women in their 20s and 30s.

Why is Instagram so important to the fashion industry?

Instagram is a highly-visual platform, giving fashion brands the flexibility and creativity to sell more than just a “look”, but rather a lifestyle. Shoppers are no longer limited to searching for an outfit by scrolling through endless studio photos on a company’s website.