Which forehand grip is recommended for beginners?

Which forehand grip is recommended for beginners?

eastern grip
Forehand grips Javi recommends holding the racket with the semi-western grip because it is the most versatile grip; however, beginner players may find it easier and more comfortable to hold the racket with the eastern grip at first.

What is the hammer grip in tennis?

The hammer grip refers to a specific hand position on a specific part of the tennis racket handle. Players of any level can use the grip, whether introducing it to their game or perfecting it through competition. The hold adds handling ability and precision to both small and big moves.

What is an Eastern forehand grip?

The eastern forehand grip, is one of the most widely used in tennis. The Eastern grip was a natural progression when players wanted to hit more aggressive shots. This allowed them to add a more topspin onto the ball to get a higher margin for error than what the Continental grip could offer.

Did Agassi have a good serve?

Watching a few old Agassi clips and he really had a powerful serve with great speed. His Second serve would literally kick out into the Doubles alley !!! Andre’s serve was what it needed to be: good enough to resist immediate putaways.

What is Djokovic forehand grip?

Novak Djokovic uses the semi western grip on his forehand side. This grip is one of the most common forehand grips used on the pro tour. It allows a player to play aggressive forehands with top spin, providing greater margin of error in clearing the net.

What are 5 grips used in tennis?

There are a few different types of tennis grips players can use to help facilitate consistent, powerful groundstrokes and shots….Check out a list of the different grips you can use during your tennis game:

  • The Continental grip.
  • The Eastern grip.
  • The Semi-Western grip.
  • The Western grip.

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