Which four techniques are included in steganography to hide the existing data?

Which four techniques are included in steganography to hide the existing data?

Steganographic Technique

  • Intranets.
  • Digital Watermarking.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • Detection Algorithm.
  • Detection Method.
  • Watermarking Technique.
  • Trojans.

How is JSteg algorithm used in Image steganography?

The JSteg algorithm embeds data within the DCT coefficients of JPEG images using the well-known LSB-replacement method, see details in [34]. In brief, this method consists of substituting the LSB of each DCT coefficient by a bit of the message it is aimed to hide.

What algorithm is used in steganography?

The steganographic algorithm uses one public key and one private key to generate a binary sequence of pseudorandom numbers that indicate where the elements of the binary sequence of a secret message will be inserted.

What is JSteg?

Jsteg is a package for hiding data inside JPEG files with a technique known as steganography. The amount of data that can be hidden depends on the file size of the jpeg; it takes about 10-14 bytes of jpeg to store each byte of the hidden data.

What technique is used for hiding data?

Steganography is the technique for hiding data and aims to hide data in such a way that any eavesdropper cannot observe any changes in the original media.

What are the different types of steganography?

Depending on the nature of the cover object(actual object in which secret data is embedded), steganography can be divided into five types: Text Steganography. Image Steganography. Video Steganography….Text Steganography

  • Format Based Method.
  • Random and Statistical Generation.
  • Linguistic Method.

What is DCT in steganography?

DCT is used in steganography as- Image is broken into 8×8 blocks of pixels. Working from left to right, top to bottom, the DCT is applied to each block. Each block is compressed through quantization table to scale the DCT coefficients and message is embedded in DCT coefficients.

How do I download Steghide?

In Windows, we can download Steghide from http://steghide.sourceforge.net/download.php. After downloading we just have to unzip the files and use them via cmd. In Linux, You must first install Steghide. You can run the following command to see if you have Steghide installed.

How do you use Jpseek?

Test the program

  1. Have a jpeg image and a text file ready for use.
  2. For Windows users, run the Jphswin.exe file.
  3. Select ‘Open jpeg’.
  4. Select the ‘Hide’ option.
  5. Select ‘Save jpeg as’.
  6. Now Select ‘Open jpeg’.
  7. Select the ‘Seek’ option.
  8. Enter a name for the recovered message file.

How data can be hidden?

You can use covert channels. Loki and some Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) tools use the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) as the communications channel. Similarly, you can use ICMP to hide information. You can use digital watermarking, one of the most widely used steganographic applications.