Which Go Ape has the longest zip wire?

Which Go Ape has the longest zip wire?

An Historic day out with a difference! Our Treetop Challenge course at Go Ape Leeds Castle boasts the longest zip wires in the South East! There are 5 zips in total, 2 of which are over a staggering 250m long!

How high is the zip wire at Go Ape?

Standing at over 18 metres tall you’ll find the five zip platform at our Go Ape adventure in Grizedale, Cumbria. Once you’ve launched yourself (or hesitantly stepped) off the platform, you’ll fly 200 metres across the top of Grizedale Beck.

Is Go Ape suitable for 5 year olds?

Suitable for: Young Children (4-8) Think intricate crossings, wobbly bridges and brilliant zip wires finales – Go Ape Treetop Adventure is family-fuelled fun in the great outdoors. Designed with the younger family in mind you can either harness up and join in or cheer on from the forest floor.

What is the difference between TreeTop challenge and TreeTop adventure?

For TreeTop Challenge, children must be at least 10 years old and 1.4 metres tall. The TreeTop Adventure course is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old.

Which Go Ape is the biggest?

The Big 6 Adventures


Where is the longest Go Ape?

Cannock Chase
Cannock Chase is home to the longest Go Ape obstacle course, which spans 1,465 metres across five different sections. Cannock Chase is an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the top of the trees is the perfect place to soak in the magnificent scenery.

How high is Go Ape Thetford?

It is higher (9 metres at the highest point) and winds its way over the play area out into the forest to finish with an epic 100-metre-long zip wire.

Has anyone died doing Go Ape?

A WOMAN who died after plummeting 40ft from a zip wire at a popular adventure park was living out her bucket list when the tragic accident struck. Tina Werner, 59, was visiting the Go Ape Zip Line and Tree Top Adventure at Lums Pond, Delaware, when she fell. No one else was injured in the accident.

What age is Go Ape Junior?

To go around the course without an adult a child must be aged 6 or over. Younger children can go on, with an adult, but must be at least 1 metre tall.

Has anyone died Go Ape?

A mum who plummeted 35 feet from a zip wire at a Go Ape adventure park unclipped her safety gear moments before her death, it is claimed. Tina Werner fell from a ‘treetop’ platform at Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, US, on Wednesday while fulfilling a ‘bucket list’ challenge.

How long does it take to complete Go Ape treetop adventure?

around 2-3 hours
There’s no set time for our Tree Top Adventure – you pick the pace (within reason). However, it tends to take teams around 2-3 hours to complete a course. That includes a safety demo from an experienced Go Ape team member and a practice session, where you get to learn the ropes (quite literally).

How hard is Go Ape treetop challenge?

The difficult parts are climbing the 5 rope ladders and also climbing the net after the 2 tarzan swings. Climbing the rope ladders to the tree tops was a little strenuous, but once you get to the treetop obstacles, there are “easy” routes and more “difficult” routes.

Where are the zip lines at Go Ape?

The ultimate zip wire experience at Go Ape Grizedale will have you whizzing through the heart of the Lake District, flying across seven forest zip lines totalling a whopping 3km.

Can you get long zip wires on Go Ape?

You can get long zip wires, fast zip wires, ones you land yourself and ones that automatically brake for you. At Go Ape the one thing that unites every one of our zips is that you have to take the leap off the platform and set yourself moving down the cable to a landing site sometimes so far in the distance you cant even see it.

How many zip ties are in a pack?

200 single-use zip ties that come in a variety of sizes. 200 single-use zip ties that come in a variety of sizes. . If you don’t need hundreds of cable ties, these reusable ties come in a pack of 50 and are available in black or multi-colored varieties.

How long is a Go Ape Zipline Adventure?

A 2-3 hour adventure like no other awaits you. The perfect introduction to aerial adventure, taking you into a parallel world up in the trees. Live in the moment whilst navigating suspended bridges, obstacles and ziplines. Immerse yourself in nature for one hour and inspire a love for the outdoors.