Which is the best Rain Song of all time?

Which is the best Rain Song of all time?

Top 10 Songs About Rain 1 With the single line, “I b 2 The Eurythmics gave us the 3 Creedence Clearwater Reviv 4 Hal David and Burt Bachara 5 John Lennon explained that 6 Rain does have the ability 7 Rihanna will help protect 8 Courtesy Warner Bros. 9 Yes, the sound of rain can 10 Has there ever been a main

What was the song Rhapsody in the Rain based on?

The melody of “Rhapsody In the Rain” is based on Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Following the controversy over this song, Lou Christie failed to find a follow-up hit until three years later in 1969 when “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” reached the pop top 10.

What did Shane McGowan sing about in the rain?

Shane McGowan may have been singing about the lasting memories of meeting a lover in the rain back in 1985, but for millennials a ‘Rainy Night In Soho’ is probably the caption they use on Snapchat while waiting for an Uber. Sometimes, rain is dead boring. Sometimes, you want something that’s going to go down in history.

What was the meaning of the song Rain?

Initial speculation around the song suggested that the “rain” was a metaphor for the Vietnam War, but years later John Fogerty revealed that the song was actually about the group’s unhappiness at the time, despite being top of the charts.

What’s the song Singin in the Rain about?

“Singin’ in the Rain” by Gene Kelly Sure, the rain may dampen our moods – and many days a year, at that. But Gene Kelly’s rendition of this classic film’s classic number is all about skipping along in blissful ignorance at the pissing clouds above you.

What’s the name of Robert Plant’s song about rain?

“Upon us all, upon us all, a little rain must fall” Robert Plant entones on one the most mythically charged, Tolkein-esque The Song Remains the Same track, which is really saying something. The song is pure atmosphere, an evocative daydream that tours the seasons of the psyche with the quartet’s signature bravado. 5.