Which Nova is in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Which Nova is in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Sam Alexander
The name’s Nova, creep. Nova (real name Sam Alexander) is a super-hero with cosmic-energy abilities. Ever since being inducted into the Nova Corps, Sam has developed quite the cocky attitude….

Species Human
Gender Male
Personal information
Affiliation S.H.I.E.L.D. Nova Corps Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly)

How old is Sam Alexander in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Fictional character biography Sam Alexander is a thirteen-year-old living in Carefree, Arizona with his father, mother, and little sister.

WHO calls Spiderman Buckethead?

Sam claims he is the leader, but everyone else says otherwise. He first meets Spider-Man when the team save him from crashing his Spider-Bike. Upon meeting, Spider-Man calls Nova “Bucket Head”, which shows the rivalry between the two.

What race is Nova?

Nova (Richard Rider)

Alter ego Richard Rider
Species Human
Place of origin Earth
Team affiliations United Front New Warriors Defenders Champions of Xandar Secret Avengers Nova Corps Guardians of the Galaxy

Can NOVA use his powers without his helmet?

Supernovas do not retain their powers if they take off their black helmets in Earth-616. In Earth-TRN361, an alternate future, Sam still had his powers despite the loss of his helmet. The helmet only works for the person it assigned to and anyone who shares DNA with that person.

What happened to Ultimate Spider-Man Show?

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man TV show will end after its fourth season on Disney XD. The Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man voice cast includes Drake Bell, Ogie Banks, Chi McBride, Logan Miller, Greg Cipes, Caitlyn Taylor Love, Matt Lanter, Steven Weber, Dee Bradley Baker, Tara Strong, Stan Lee, and Mark Hamill.

Will Ultimate Spider-Man come back?

In the tussle, Peter knocked the younger web-head unconscious and left with his web-shooters in tow. However, alongside sanctioning the rebirth of the Ultimate Universe, Spider-Men II #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Mark Bagley, and various others, also confirmed Ultimate Peter Parker’s return to the mantle.