Which Russian stamps are worth money?

Which Russian stamps are worth money?

Most valuable Russian and Soviet stamps

  • $776,250. All-Union Philatelic Exhibition souvenir sheet, 1932.
  • $700,000. Tiflis stamp, 1857.
  • $625,000. Levanevsky stamp with an overprint, 1935.
  • $218,500. “Consular Poltinnik” stamp, 1922.
  • $46,000. 20k black & red-brown Telegraph stamp, 1866.
  • $28,750.
  • $26,000.
  • $25,000.

How can I identify and value my stamps?

How to Determine Stamp Values

  1. Identify the stamp.
  2. Find out when was the stamp issued.
  3. Know the stamp’s age and material used.
  4. Determine the centering of the design.
  5. Check the stamp’s gum.
  6. Determine the condition of the perforations.
  7. See if the stamp has been cancelled or not.
  8. Find out the rarity of the stamp.

What does Noyta CCCP mean?

Let’s explain them that “noyma cccp” means just “Почта СССР” or USSR Postal Service. This wording have to be present on all postage stamps of USSR (1923-1991).

How much is a stamp in Russia?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Russia Russian Federation

Weight not over (ozs.) Letter- post Rate
1 $0.84
2 1.65
3 2.40
4 3.20

How do you evaluate a stamp collection?

Condition. The condition of your stamp is one of the most important factors when determining stamp collection value. Expert collectors understand that perforations missing, faded colors, paper flacks, and other imperfections greatly diminish stamp value.

Where can I find a catalogue of Russian stamps?

Russian Stamp Catalogue and Identifier. RusPhil.com is a free Russian stamp catalogue, identifier, and price guide for Russian stamps: Empire period, RSFSR, Soviet era. Forgeries, varieties, essays, and other information. We recommend the RussianPhilately.com, an ultimate online Russian stamp dealer.

Which is the most valuable stamp of the Soviet Union?

Here are top 13 stamps of the Soviet Union and Russia, which have a particular philatelic value: Bid on rare Russian stamps at auctions. 1. Unique Souvenir Sheet of Four (“Kartonka”) The most valuable sheet of Russian stamps. Postal department issued two stamps for the All-Soviet Philatelic Exhibition.

When was the first Russian postage stamp issued?

A new issue of 1883 featured an updated design, lower values printed in a single color, and new high values – 14 kop, 35 kop, and 70 kop. In January 1884 were issued 3.50 rubles and 7 rubles stamps. The first Russian semi-postal stamps were issued at the end of 1904.

Which is the most rare stamp in Russia?

Rare Consular Stamp (“Consular Poltinnik”) Russian consular tax stamp. This 1922 stamp has an unusual history. It was released after the joint German-Soviet airline was formed. It was decided to print a series of postage stamps for the franking of official correspondence sent to the capital of Russia.