Which type of files can be coded in NVivo software?

Which type of files can be coded in NVivo software?

Textual file formats supported by NVivo

  • .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .odt (Mac only)
  • Textual data is usually prepared as a Word document.

What does NVivo transcription do?

NVivo Transcription is an automated, cloud-based transcription service integrated into NVivo. It allows you to send media files for transcription directly from NVivo, returning the transcripts embedded with the media files they were created from Audio and video.

How do I recode in NVivo?

In List View, select the node to be merged into another node. Right click and select Cut. Select the destination Node. Right click and select Merge into Selected Node OR Merge into New Child Node (the latter selection requires you to name the new child node)

How do I import audio files into NVivo 12?

In Navigation View, click the name of the sources folder that you want to import the audio or video into. On the Data tab, in the Import group, click Audios or Videos. Select the file you want to import and select Open. (Optional) Change the name or enter a description of the audio or video source.

How to auto code multiple sources in NVivo?

(NVivo Plus only) In List View, select the audio or video source you want to auto code. NOTE When auto coding multiple sources, you can only select the same source type—all audio or all video sources. On the Analyze tab, in the Coding group, click Auto Code. The Auto Code Wizard opens.

How do I create a NVivo audio file?

You can create an NVivo audio or video file without importing the actual media file. You can work on the transcript and import the file later on. In the blank area of the List View, open the context menu and select New File > New Audio or New Video. The new audio or video file is opened in edit mode and you can add content to the transcript.

What kind of transcription service does NVivo use?

NOTE NVivo Transcription is an automated, online transcription service integrated into NVivo. It provides accurate, real-time transcripts delivered directly into the program. Opened video files are displayed in three sections, as shown below (the video section is not present for audio files). 1 Audio timeline —a timeline of the file’s audio.

Why does NVivo need a third party codec?

NVivo relies on third-party codec software to decode media files. If suitable codecs are not installed on your computer you will not be able to import some files, even if they are in supported formats. In this case you need to install a suitable codec pack.