Who are the actors in True Detective Season 2?

Who are the actors in True Detective Season 2?

Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch head up a new cast in Season 2 of this acclaimed series as a bizarre murder case brings together three law-enforcement officers and a career criminal. Watch True Detective: Season 2 | Prime Video Skip to main content .us Prime Video

Who are Ray Ani and Paul on True Detective?

Ray, Ani, and Paul are assigned to Casper’s murder case. Frank tries to keep his business deals going, even after Caspere’s death. Error: please try again. Paul works the prostitute angle; Frank receives the first casualty in a secret war.

What happens to Paul and Frank in True Detective?

Paul works the prostitute angle while Frank receives the first casualty in a secret war, and steps back into a world he’d left behind. The detail works a pawn-shop lead to close in on a suspect in the Caspere case. Frank revisits his past to pay for his present.

Who was the fourth detective in True Detective?

A fourth detective, Teague Dixon, is placed alongside them by the Vinci PD. An autopsy of Caspere’s body shows that he was tortured for information and his genitals shot off with a shotgun before being placed at the rest stop.

What was the theme song for True Detective Season 2?

Leonard Cohen ‘s “Nevermind,” the season two opening theme, is a song off Cohen’s 2014 album, Popular Problems. The theme song’s lyrics change with every episode, incorporating different verses from Cohen’s song.

Who is playing Frank Semyon in True Detective?

Casting. Vince Vaughn, playing the role of Frank Semyon, became HBO’s next important signing toward the end of the month. By November, True Detective’s principal cast expanded to include Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Kelly Reilly.