Who are the commentators on Paralympics?

Who are the commentators on Paralympics?

Commentators and pundits

  • Steve Brown. Steve is a former wheelchair rugby player and coach and he captained Great Britain at the London 2012 Paralympics.
  • Simon Brotherton.
  • Jo Rowsell.
  • Ronald McIntosh.
  • Rob Walker.
  • Katharine Merry.
  • Clare Griffiths.

Who are the Channel 4 Paralympics presenters?


  • Ade Adepitan.
  • Clare Balding.
  • Arthur Williams.
  • Sophie Morgan.
  • Steph McGovern.
  • JJ Chalmers.
  • Ed Jackson.
  • Vick Hope.

Who is the female commentator at the Paralympics?

Sports commentator Dana Johanssen – the latest action from the Paralympics. It was Sophie Pascoe’s final race in the pool last night and although she didn’t win a medal in the 100m butterfly she has already cemented her place as New Zealand’s most decorated paralympic athlete.

Who is presenting the Paralympics today?

Ade Adepitan will host the highlights show as part of a 70 per cent disabled presenting lineup that will include such familiar personalities as Sophie Morgan, JJ Chalmers, Ed Jackson, Lee McKenzie and Vick Hope in Japan and Clare Balding, Steph McGovern and Arthur Williams on home turf.

Who are the Channel 7 commentators for the Paralympics?

Kurt Fearnley and Annabelle Williams will anchor Seven’s Olympic Ceremony coverage, alongside Johanna Griggs.

Why is Alice sitting cross legged?

The 17-year-old was born with two club feet and deformed lower legs and had 14 operations between the ages of 20 weeks and 12 years. The surgery fused her feet and ankles at at 90 degree angle. She has no movement in her ankles at all, something which according to Alice makes it very difficult to kick in the water.

What is Alice Tai’s disability?

She was born with bilateral talipes, (club foot) and before the age of 12 she had undergone 14 corrective operations to alleviate her condition, sometimes requiring a wheelchair for long periods of time during recovery. She attended Access to Music, Manchester, and now plays in the band Blush!.

Who is hosting the Paralympics 2021?

Paralympic host cities

Year City From
2018 Pyeongchang 9 March
2020 Tokyo 25 August 2021
2022 Beijing 4 March
2024 Paris 28 August

Who is presenting Paralympics with Clare Balding?

Clare Balding, who presented a highlights show for the BBC during the Olympics, will be based in Leeds and present live sport finals, which take place UK morning time. The Paralympics Breakfast Show will be hosted by Arthur Williams and Steph McGovern from the same location.

Is Kurt Fearnley married?

Sheridan Fearnleym. 2010
Kurt Fearnley/Spouse

Who is Kurt Fearnley wife?

Kurt Fearnley/Wife

In 2010, Fearnley married Sheridan Rosconi at Glenrock Lagoon. Fearnley and Rosconi met while studying at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, New South Wales. Their first son, Harry, was born in 2013 with a second child, a daughter Emilia born in 2017.

Why is Alice Tai Not in Tokyo?

Britain’s Paralympic champion swimmer Alice Tai has made the “devastating” decision to withdraw from Tokyo 2020 because of a persistent elbow injury.

When is Paralympics opening ceremony on Channel 4?

Channel 4’s Schedule: 24 August – 05 September (all UK time. Tokyo is +8 hours) 1100-1510 (24 August) Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Opening ceremony – live from Tokyo, presented by Ade Adepitan, Baroness Grey-Thompson 0730-0900 Paralympics Breakfast – live from Leeds, hosted by Arthur Williams and Steph McGovern

Who are the Paralympics commentators on Channel 4?

Katharine has worked for the BBC at the Olympics in Beijing and London and was the sole field event commentator for the Channel 4 coverage of the Paralympic Games in 2012. Dan Strange (wheelchair basketball): Dan is a Wheelchair basketball commentator who has commentated at a number of international events.

When is the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics?

1100-1500 (05 September) Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony – live from Tokyo, presented by Ade Adepitan, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson 5 daily social shows across Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok: Paralympics Rewind: A longer edit looking back at the best sporting moments from the day.

When does the Rio Paralympics start on NBC?

NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympics begins Wednesday, 7 September at 7 pm ET on NBCSN.