Who are the members of the band Kraftwerk?

Who are the members of the band Kraftwerk?

Band members 1 Ralf Hütter – lead vocals, vocoder, synthesizers, keyboards (1969–1983, 1986-present); organ, drums and percussion, bass guitar, guitar (1969–1974) 2 Fritz Hilpert – electronic percussion (1987–present) 3 Henning Schmitz – electronic percussion, live keyboards (1991–present) 4 Falk Grieffenhagen – live video technician (2012–present)

When did Ralf und Florian by Kraftwerk come out?

With Ralf und Florian, released in 1973, Kraftwerk began to move closer to its now classic sound, relying more heavily on synthesizers and drum machines. Although almost entirely instrumental, the album marks Kraftwerk’s first use of the vocoder, which would in time become one of its musical signatures.

When did Kraftwerk’s computer world come out?

In May 1981 Kraftwerk released Computer World (German: Computerwelt) on EMI records. It was recorded at Kling Klang Studio between 1978 and 1981.

What was the turning point in Kraftwerk’s career?

The year 1975 saw a turning point in Kraftwerk’s live shows. With financial support from Phonogram Inc., in the US, they were able to undertake a tour to promote the Autobahn album, a tour which took them to the US, Canada and the UK for the first time. The tour also saw a new, stable, live line-up in the form of a quartet.

What kind of equipment was used by Kraftwerk?

– Texas Instruments Language Translatormachine (for electronic voices, it has different language memory cards) – Roland MC8 MicroComposer sequencer (although this was not used on any Kraftwerk records) – Custom-built 32-step analogue sequencers by Matten & Wiechers – Texas Instruments Pocket Translator

When did Kraftwerk release the song Das Model?

” Das Model ” (spelling on all releases of the album up to the 2009 remaster: ” Das Modell “; English version title: ” The Model “) is a song recorded by the German group Kraftwerk in 1978, written by musicians Ralf Hütter and Karl Bartos, with artist Emil Schult collaborating on the lyrics.