Who bought Lawson Software?

Who bought Lawson Software?

GGC Software Holdings
Lawson Software, which develops business application software for a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, is being acquired by GGC Software Holdings, an affiliate of Golden Gate Capital and Infor, in a deal worth roughly $2 billion. Based in St.

Is Lawson now Infor?

Lawson Software, started in 1975 before being acquired by Infor Global Solutions in 2011, offered one of the largest enterprise resource planning (ERP), general ledger, and human capital management (HCM) solutions after SAP and Oracle.

Who started Lawson Software?

Lawson Software was founded in 1975 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by William Lawson, chairman of the board; Richard Lawson, CEO; and John Cerullo, chief technology officer.

What is Lawson technology?

Lawson provides open, standards-based software solutions that fundamentally improve customers’ business performance. This Java-based code delivers interoperability that protects and extends Lawson customers’ existing IT investments while ensuring compatibility with future applications and technologies.

Is Infor and Lawson the same thing?

Infor, through its affiliate GGC Software Holdings, acquired Lawson Software for a deal nearing $2 billion in value.

Who is Infor owned by?

Koch Industries

Type Private
Revenue US$3.2billion (2019)
Owner Koch Industries, as of February 4, 2020
Number of employees 18,000 (2021)
Website www.infor.com

What does Lawson software Do?

Lawson enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software platform that provides software and services to enhance companies’ key business processes. Lawson offers ERP and human capital management (HCM) applications for businesses of all sizes.

Does Lawson software still exist?

Lawson was founded in 1975. It has become a leading enterprise software company, over the last 30 years, with over 4,500 customers in 68 countries. It is different in the market by offering a unique application and capability for specific business sectors.

What are the uses of Lawson Software?

Lawson solutions help healthcare organizations manage their business so they can focus on their patients, automate and streamline materials management for a better bottom line, and overcome the challenges of the labor shortage. About Lawson Software

Who owns Lawson Software?

Lawson Software, a global provider of enterprise software, this morning announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by GGC Software Holdings, an affiliate of private equity investment firm Golden Gate Capital and Infor. The transaction has a total value of approximately $2 billion.

What does Lawson stand for?

The name Lawson is of English origin. The meaning of Lawson is “son of Laurence”. Lawson is generally used as a boy’s name. It consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Law-son.

Who owns Lawson ERP?

Lawson Software has agreed to be purchased by an Infor affiliate GGC Software Holdings for roughly US$2 billion, the company announced Tuesday. The deal will create one of the industry’s largest ERP (enterprise resource planning) software vendors after SAP and Oracle, and is expected to close in the third calendar quarter of this year.