Who bullied Bethany on Coronation Street?

Who bullied Bethany on Coronation Street?

It’s pretty safe to say Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt has had a pretty tough time. She’s been a victim of bullying from absolute terror Lauren, while also dealing with her mum’s mental illness and the murder of her aunt Kylie.

Who played Lauren in Coronation Street?

Shannon Flynn

Shannon Flynn
Occupation Actress and presenter
Years active 2008–present
Known for Waterloo Road (2009–2012) Dani’s Castle (2013–2015) Coronation Street (2016)
Height 5’2 (1.57 m)

What happened to Bethany in Coronation Street?

Bethany Platt has left Coronation Street for a new life in London after her doomed romance with Daniel Osbourne collapsed. The character’s emotional exit scenes on Wednesday 4th March brought Lucy Fallon’s five years on the cobbles to a close.

Why is Shannon Flynn voice so weird?

Most of the documentary was narrated by Shannon Flynn, an ex-friend of Mark Hofmann and a rare document dealer, who added a layer of mystery and foreboding with his raspy voice. …

How old is Shannon Flynn?

25 years (August 22, 1996)
Shannon Flynn/Age

Who was the mother of Todd’s baby in Coronation Street?

Sarah Platt
Billy Platt was the son of Sarah Platt and Todd Grimshaw, who was born three months prematurely on 31st May, 2004 by caesarean section at Weatherfield General.

Who is Sarah Louise baby dad in Corrie?

However, although Martin is Sarah’s adoptive father, her biological dad is actually Brian Tilsley – who was tragically murdered. Brian was Gail Platt’s first husband and she also had Nick Tilsley with him too.

What does Shannon Flynn do for a living?

According to Deseret, Shannon Flynn from Utah runs a parking lot maintenance service in Arizona today.

When was Shannon Flynn born?

August 22, 1996 (age 25 years)
Shannon Flynn/Date of birth

Who is Adam Barlows dad?

Mike Baldwin
Adam Barlow/Father