Who died under the tram crash Coronation Street?

Who died under the tram crash Coronation Street?

Ashley Peacock
In the tram crash episodes to mark Corrie’s 50th anniversay a tram crashed into the street after a gas explosion at The Joinery bar. Corrie favourite Ashley Peacock was crushed by the collapsing Jonery after helping Nick Tilsley to escape with an unconscious Peter Barlow.

Who pushed Rita under the tram?

Alan Bradley
Alan Bradley was a major character in Coronation Street from Ep 2587 – 15 Jan 1986 to Ep 3002 – 8 Dec 1989.

How old is Alan Bradley?

About 83 years (1938)
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What did Mark Eden die of?

Alzheimer’s disease
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Eden suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in later life, and was admitted to hospital with the disease in November 2020. He died on 1 January 2021, aged 92.

What happened to Ashley on Coronation Street?

Ashley Sibelius Peacock is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Ashley was a victim of the tram crash and died as part of the show’s 50th-anniversary episode in December 2010.

What caused the tram crash in Corrie?

The tram crash killed off three major Corrie characters. It was sparked after an explosion tore apart The Joinery bar, which in turn caused a tram crossing the viaduct to derail and plunge down onto the cobbles.

What did Alan Bradley do to Rita?

In response, he lashed out at Rita as she answered a phone call from Jenny. Jenny had wanted to check to see if her father and foster mother were alright. After forcefully stopping Rita from answering the call, Alan hit and then tried to suffocate her with a cushion.

Who was hit by a tram in Coronation Street?

Alan met his end in Blackpool when he was hit by a tram while chasing Rita, in one of the programme’s most famous moments. According to The Coronation Street Story, shortly after the episode went out, someone put a plaque by the railings where Alan died, reading “Alan Bradley the sham got knocked over by a tram”.

Who is Alan Bradley married to?

The star was best known for playing villain Alan Bradley in the soap, and was married to co-star Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey Roberts. His agent said he had been living with Alzheimer’s for some time and died peacefully in hospital on Friday morning.

Which tram killed Alan Bradley?

And, although the Blackpool tram missed her, it hit and killed Alan, in a nail biting and grizzly death scene.

Is Mark Eden dead?

Deceased (1928–2021)
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Is Mark Eden still alive?