Who does Daisuke Niwa end up with?

Who does Daisuke Niwa end up with?

Second Love: Daisuke initially had eyes for Risa, but he ultimately ends up falling in love with and getting together with Riku. In the manga, Dark’s first love is Riku, but later manga chapters have him beginning to reciprocate Risa’s feelings.

Does Dark like Risa?

In the anime, Dark initially accepts Risa’s feelings. He later rejects her and Risa learns that Dark has already fallen in love 40 years ago with the twins’ grandmother, Rika Harada and only saw her in Risa.

Is DN Angel finished?

Classic manga series D.N. Angel published its final chapter in the March 2021 issue of shoujo manga magazine Monthly Asuka, ending its 24-year run in the magazine when the magazine was published today.

How old is dark mousy?

seventeen year old
Dark looks like a seventeen year old with long, violet hair, including bangs that cover a small portion of the center of his face. His eye are either purple or red, depending on the illustration. His clothing is designed by Emiko Niwa, who ensures each one is unique and practical.

Who is Daisuke kambe wife?

Suzue Kambe (神戸鈴江, Kanbe Suzue) is a supporting character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.

Who is Daisuke’s crush?

After Dark’s reappearance, Daisuke’s crush, Risa Harada, falls in love with him and begins to pursue him.

Where can I watch DN Angel?


  • 9Anime.
  • Gourmet. Suspense.
  • Does DN Angel have romance?

    Just watch the first episode — that’s all it should take. There are plenty of lengthy reviews for D.N. Angel, so I’ll try to be concise to save you some time: What makes this anime truly stand out is how the story, the characters, and the romance are all serious and pure.

    When did dn angel come out?

    April 3, 2003
    DNAngel/First episode date

    Does kambe Daisuke have a wife?

    Overview. Suzue Kambe first appeared during Haru Kato and Daisuke Kambe’s stakeout. At first, her identity was unknown and she was only seen as Yuta Isezaki’s favorite. Daisuke tells Haru that Suzue was family, correcting the man when he had previously assumed that she was his wife.

    Is Suzue kambe Daisuke’s wife?

    Daisuke and Suzue are NOT married in the novel.

    Does Daisuke kanbe have a girlfriend?

    Suzue Kambe Most of the context of their relationship is currently unknown, however, they live with one another in their mansion and seem to be on relatively good terms. Daisuke acknowledges Suzue’s many talents and does not get in the way of her projects.

    Why did Satoshi leave Daisuke Niwa alone?

    Inspecting it but concluding that it’s “not the same”, Satoshi leaves him alone. On Daisuke Niwa’s birthday, Satoshi cleans alone with Daisuke after school, having told their classmates not to come and revealing to Daisuke that he wanted to be alone with him.

    What kind of hair does Satoshi Hiwatari have?

    His former surname is Hikari (氷狩), and he is the last known heir to that family of famous artists – as a result, he inherited the alter ego of Krad . Satoshi has light blue hair that sometimes appears white and dark blue eyes.

    Who is the antagonist in D N ANGEL?

    Satoshi Hiwatari (日渡怜 Hiwatari Satoshi) is the initial antagonist of D.N.Angel. He is the special commander of the Azumano Police Department in charge of capturing Dark. He is also one of Daisuke Niwa ‘s classmates.