Who does shinka nibutani end up with?

Who does shinka nibutani end up with?

Shinka Nibutani is one of the main characters in the anime Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. She is Yuuta’s classmate and class representative….

Shinka Nibutani
Relationship Status Possibly Dating
Voice Actress Chinatsu Akasaki

Is Dekomori a tsundere?

Sanae Dekomori (凸守 早苗 Dekomori Sanae), is one of the main characters from the Japanese light novel series and anime, Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!, also known as Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Like Nibutani, Dekomori is also a tsundere but more severe than her.

Who likes Dekomori?

Dekomori still loves and admires Mori Summer, but she stubbornly refuses to accept Nibutani’s claim that they are the same person, instead forever branding her as a fake.

How many seasons of Chuunibyou are there?

‘Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions’ follows a wholesome love story between Yūta and Rikka, two high-school students who suffer from their respective Chūnibyo (delusions). The anime has released two seasons and a film that serves as a direct sequel to the story released in 2018.

Do Dekomori and Mori summer get together?

Sanae Dekomori is one of the main characters in the anime Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. She is often at odds with Shinka Nibutani, who she does not believe to be the real Mori Summer….

Sanae Dekomori
Relationship Status Possibly Dating
Voice Actress Sumire Uesaka

Does yuuta and Rikka get married?

Yes, the opening of Rikka Version stars with the chunibyo Rikka Takanashi marrying her love, the formerly delusional Yuta Togashi. However, the wedding is interrupted by their fellow chunibyo friend Sanae Dekomori, who tries to split them up.

Who has a crush on Kumin?

Kumin Tsuyuri Makoto fell in love with Kumin and is the only girl he has focused on ever since. He has tried many ways to get Kumin’s attention and confess his feelings for her but continues to fail to do so.

Is Dekomori rich?

She often ends her sentences with ‘desu’, emphasizing it to make it sound more like ‘death’. She comes from a very rich family and tends to behave normally around her classmates, she is a superb student.

Who is Dekomori dating?

Does shinka love Yuta?

She “dated” Yuuta once because she wanted to use him after seeing him getting his hands on the Mabinogion but immediately became distant with him after she found the Mabinogion and having her secret identity “Mori Summer” revealed in front of him, Yuuta also lost admiration towards her at that point.

Where can I watch Chuunibyou Season 3?

You can stream ‘Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ‘ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Does love Chunibyo have a Season 2?

A second series, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions -Heart Throb- (Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai: Ren) aired on television from January 8, 2014, to March 26, 2014, and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.

Who is still good friends with Shinka Nibutani?

Sanae took part in Mori Summer’s ceremonies with her. They were partners too, and Satone used to admire her a lot. Satone and Shinka are still good friends, although Shinka lost her chuunibyou self while Satone still keeps hers.

What was the first kiss of Sanae Dekomori?

Dekomori is a genius at mathematics, which makes her very popular among the first-years. Dekomori’s first kiss was with Shinka Nibutani, which was an accident after they lost balance and fell to the floor (Episode 1 OVA). Dekomori often ends sentences with the copula verb “-desu” or “-desuka” as a pun with the word “death”.

How is Sanae Dekomori like a tsundere?

Like Nibutani, Dekomori is also a tsundere but more severe than her. However, she had a hardtime admiting that she is in love with Nibutani. Dekomori has very long blonde twin-tails tied with small weighted bags that she calls “Mighty Mjolnir Maul”. She has blue eyes and can be considered very petite.

Why did Sanae Dekomori call Shinka Mori summer?

In episode 4 of S2, Dekomori realized that Shinka was the true Mori Summer and reacted accordingly. When Shinka went to a school trip with the rest of the group, and she called her, she expected Shinka to be calling her because she missed her or something.