Who drew the cover art for the Yes albums?

Who drew the cover art for the Yes albums?

Roger Dean
To fans of prog rock, Roger Dean is an art icon, his work gracing the cover of numerous albums by bands from Gentle Giant to Uriah Heep, but mostly Yes and the band that grew out of it, Asia.

Who did the art for Yes?

William Roger Dean
William Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944), known as Roger Dean, is an English artist, designer, and publisher. He is best known for his work on posters and album covers for musicians, which he began painting in the late 1960s. The artists for whom he did the most art are English rock bands Yes and Asia.

Does Grimes draw her album covers?

Nine months after the album initially dropped. It’s been a robust nine months since Grimes unleashed her fifth LP Miss Anthropocene, one of our favorite records of the year. Normally I draw the covers myself I just wasn’t feeling it for Miss A after like ten failed album covers. I love what we did with Ryder and Gmunk.

Who did the artwork on the Molly Hatchet albums?

Frank Frazetta
Molly Hatchet is the self-titled debut album by American southern rock band Molly Hatchet, released in 1978 (see 1978 in music). The cover is a painting by Frank Frazetta entitled “The Death Dealer”.

What happened to Roger Dean?

Roger Dean, who spent decades building a multistate auto empire and whose name is attached to a spring-training baseball stadium in Jupiter, died on Saturday at his Palm Beach home. He was 79. Those who did business with him said he was an aggressive yet fair businessman.

Who designed the Yes logo?

Roger Dean: How I designed the Yes classic Close To The Edge | Louder.

Does Grimes make her own cover art?

Grimes unveiled the original Miss Anthropocene cover art in a recent Instagram post. She often draws her own artworks, but she writes: “I also love commissioning and/or buying prints and art.” “It’s something I just got into this year. It’s a great way to support visual artists during the quarantine.”

Who drew art angels cover?

Just an hour ago, Boucher shared the album art she drew for Art Angels on Instagram, captioning the post “art angels: album cover. music & video next week. artwork by grimes.” Boucher also illustrated the covers for her previous three LPs: Geidi Primes, Halfaxa, and Visions.

Which is the most recent album by Foals?

The band’s most recent studio album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 was released in March 2019 while their sixth and immediate follow-up, Part 2, was released on 18 October 2019 and became the band’s first album to top the UK Album Chart . The lead singer of the band Youthmovies, Andrew Mears, originally formed the band Foals.

Who is the lead singer of the band Foals?

Formation: 2005–2006. The lead singer of the band Youthmovies, Andrew Mears, originally formed the band Foals. He was present on the band’s debut 7″ single, “Try This on Your Piano/Look at My Furrows of Worry”, but left shortly afterwards to concentrate on Youthmovies’ debut album, Good Nature.

What’s the name of the Yes album with paw prints on it?

Recorded during the Fragile world tour, Yessongs is a platinum record that is still the bands selling live album. The sleeve is also famous for including the paw prints that Dean’s cat left behind when she walked over the still drying painting that her human had just created.

When did Foals album Antidotes come out?

Foals released their debut album, titled Antidotes, on 24 March 2008 in the UK and on 8 April 2008 in the US. The album was a commercial success in the UK, debuting at number 3 on the UK Albums Charts.