Who has the least amount of turnovers in the NBA?

Who has the least amount of turnovers in the NBA?

The Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets have committed the fewest turnovers by a team in a game with 1 turnover versus the Trail Blazers on February 23.

Who has the best assist to turnover ratio?

John Stockton has the most career assists, with 15,806 assists.

John Stockton 1504 +2941
Jason Kidd 1391 +3868
Steve Nash 1217 +5043
Mark Jackson 1296 +402

Who has the most turnovers per game NBA?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook has the most career turnovers per game with 4.1 per game.

What is the average number of turnovers in an NBA game?

Twenty-odd turnovers may not seem like a lot of turnovers because it is a lot of turnovers considering that NBA teams average between 13-14 turnovers per game.

What is Chris Paul’s assist/turnover ratio?

Paul, one of the greatest point guards ever and a certain first-ballot Hall of Famer, boasts an exceptional 3.9-1 assist-to-turnover ratio during his 16-year career.

What is Steph Curry assist to turnover ratio?

Interpreted as:

Stephen Curry 762 2,392

Who has the most turnovers in NBA history?

LeBron James

Rank Player TOV
1. LeBron James 4592
2. Karl Malone* 4524
3. Moses Malone* 4264
4. John Stockton* 4244

What point guard has the most turnovers?

John Stockton has committed the most career turnovers by a point guard with 4,244 turnovers.

John Stockton 1504 3,265
Jason Kidd 1315 2,559
Russell Westbrook 943 1,624
Isiah Thomas 979 1,861

What is turnover percentage NBA?

Turnover Percentage is defined by basketball-reference as an “estimate of turnovers per 100 plays.” The formula is 100 * TOV / (FGA + 0.44 * FTA + TOV). The players on the court the most often are bound to rack up more turnovers.

How many turnovers does LeBron average?

Turnovers leaders

Rank Player Turnovers per game average
1 LeBron James^ 3.51
2 Karl Malone* 3.07
3 John Stockton* 2.82
4 Kobe Bryant* 2.98