Who is Concussion in Zoom?

Who is Concussion in Zoom?

Connor Shepard (A.K.A “Concussion”) is a superhero that appeared in the 2006 film Zoom. He is the older brother of Jack Shepard (Captain Zoom), former leader of the original Zenith Team, and now leader of the new Zenith Team.

Does Captain Zoom get his powers back?

Before it hit Cindy, Jack’s powers return and he saved her before she was killed. With his powers fully restored, Jack returned to Area 52, suited up, and returned to the site as quick as possible.

Where was Zoom movie filmed?

Hamilton, Ontario
Production. Zoom was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Who produced Zoom 2006?

Jennifer Todd
Suzanne ToddTodd Garner

What is the movie zoom about?

Capt. Zoom, or Jack (Tim Allen), as he is now known, has long since given up his career of fighting evil and protecting the defenseless. The former superhero gets back into the game when he takes a job at a private academy, where he must whip into shape a ragtag group of heroes-in-training.
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Who is the black Zoom?

Introduced in season two of The Flash, this version of the Black Flash was originally Hunter Zolomon / Zoom (portrayed by Teddy Sears), who is transformed by Time Wraiths to serve as the Speed Force’s Grim Reaper-esque enforcer by hunting down speedsters who attempt to change the timeline and erase them from existence.

Who’s faster reverse flash or Zoom?

Barry wasn’t able to go faster than Reverse-Flash in season one since he was inexperienced and Reverse-Flash had tachyon enhancement. When Barry got his Tachyon device, he was running faster than Zoom, who was over 4x faster than Barry’s fastest ever speed. Which is obviously faster than we’ve seen Reverse-Flash.

When was Zoom filmed?

Zoom (1999 TV series)

Original release January 4, 1999 – May 6, 2005
Preceded by Zoom (1972 TV series)
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Who played the little girl in zoom?

Ryan Whitney Newman
Ryan Whitney Newman (born April 24, 1998), also known as Ryan Whitney, is an American actress and model. She is best known for her roles as Ginger Falcone in Disney XD’s Zeke and Luther, Allison in The Thundermans, Cindy Collins in Zoom and Emily Hobbs in See Dad Run.