Who is Grace in Monte Carlo?

Who is Grace in Monte Carlo?

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez as Grace Ann Bennett/Cordelia Scott, in Monte Carlo. Selena Gomez as Grace Ann Bennett/Cordelia Scott, in Monte Carlo.

Where is Cordelia from Monte Carlo?

Cordelia happens to be in Paris at the same time as the girls. When Grace is mistaken for Cordelia by staff at an exclusive hotel, the girls decide to make the most of the situation. As a result, they end up in Monte Carlo.

Does Emma lose the necklace in Monte Carlo?

Cordelia arrives in Monte Carlo, as does Owen, hoping to reconcile with Emma. After reading the newspaper regarding Grace’s appearance at the ball, Cordelia discovers the impersonation. She finds that the necklace is missing as Meg forgot to retrieve it from Riley’s backpack before he left France, and calls the police.

What is the story of Grace of Monaco?

Despite her husband’s (Tim Roth) misgivings, Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) considers returning to Hollywood to star in “Marnie,” but a political dispute between Monaco and France forces her to make a difficult choice.
Grace of Monaco/Film synopsis

Is Grace of Monaco a true story?

Grace of Monaco opens with the disclaimer that “This film is a fiction inspired by real events” — which is French for saying, as the fact-based fiction American Hustle did, “Some of this actually happened.” So we can’t criticize the movie for massaging the facts — especially when there are plenty of other reasons to …

What did Cordelia Scott do in Monte Carlo?

There, the hotel staff and paparazzi mistake Grace for the spoiled celebutante British heiress Cordelia Winthrop-Scott (Selena Gomez), Grace’s double, who leaves rather than stay to attend an auction for a Romanian charity for which she is to donate a Bulgari necklace.

Are Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez friends?

Not only did the actress take in the sights while she was abroad, she also developed a close friendship with co-star Selena Gomez. “She’s extremely mature and totally got along with all of us. She was saying that she was intimidated because we were older, but she is so mature for her age.

Do they find the necklace in Monte Carlo?

Owen arrives in Monte Carlo in search of Emma. Cordelia also arrives, and she sees the newspaper account of Grace’s appearance at the ball. Finding the necklace is missing, she calls the police. The girls have gone in search of Riley but he shows up at the hotel with the necklace; they find Cordelia in the room.

How old is Meg in Monte Carlo?

Turns out, Meester’s character, Meg, is 21, and the new stepsister to Gomez’s character, recent high school grad Grace.

Is the movie Grace of Monaco based on a true story?