Who is shotokan kata man?

Who is shotokan kata man?

Hirokazu Kanazawa

Hirokazu Kanazawa
Born May 3, 1931 Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Died December 8, 2019 (aged 88)
Style Shotokan Karate, Judo, T’ai chi ch’üan
Teacher(s) Gichin Funakoshi, Masatoshi Nakayama

Who is Andre Bertel?

André Bertel was forced into Karate by his mother when he was five years old and he hated it. a New Zealand born Shotokan Karate master, living in Oita City, Japan. a 17 times New Zealand National Karate champion. the only non-Japanese to win the Kumamoto Prefecture Karate-Do Championships in the Male Individual Kata.

What is Kanazawa?

marsh of gold
The name Kanazawa is derived from the following story: A peasant named Imohori Togoro made his living digging potatoes. He washed gold dust from the potatoes into a well, now called Kinjo Reitaku, so the area was named Kanazawa, meaning ‘marsh of gold.

What did Sensei Kanazawa die of?

In January 2009, Kanazawa suffered a skiing accident. Trough a badly fall he crushed three vertebra.

Who created the Shotokan kata?

Gichin Funakoshi

Date founded 1938
Country of origin Okinawa, Japan
Founder Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957) Yoshitaka Funakoshi (1906–1945)
Arts taught Karate
Ancestor schools Shōrei-ryū, Shōrin-ryū

When was Kanazawa built?

A Daimyo Procession. Ishikawa Prefectural Museum The temple was destroyed by an army led by Oda Nobunaga in 1580. Maeda Toshiie, one of his retainers, entered into Kanazawa in 1583, built a castle in its stead and ruled the district as the lord possessing the largest fief in Japan.

Where is Andre Bertel from?

New Zealand
André Bertel is a world famous Karate master from New Zealand and I will let you know whether hosting him for an international seminar or a one-on-one training in Japan would be a clever choice or not.

What is Kanazawa known for?

Located on the central coast of Japan’s largest island Honshu, Kanazawa is an old castle city famous for its rich history and culture, preserved buildings, temples, geisha and samurai districts, and stunning gar-dens.