Who is the husband of manilyn?

Who is the husband of manilyn?

Aljon Jimenezm. 1996
Manilyn Reynes/Husband

Such as the endearing couple Manilyn Reynes and husband Aljon Jimenez, who haven’t really aged after all these years.

Is Manilyn Reynes married?

Manilyn Reynes/Spouse

How old is Manilyn Reynes?

49 years (April 27, 1972)
Manilyn Reynes/Age

What is the real name of Manilyn Reynes?

Manilyn Reynes Jimenez
Manilyn Reynes Jimenez (born April 27, 1972 in Cebu, Philippines) is a Filipina actress and singer.

Where is Manilyn Reynes from?

Cebu City, Philippines
Manilyn Reynes/Place of birth

How old is Nova Villa?

74 years (April 16, 1947)
Nova Villa/Age

Who is Nova Villas husband?

Freddie Gallegos
Nova Villa/Husband

Where is Tiya Pusit now?

St. Peter Chapels
She was 66. Tiya Pusit, whose real name was Myrna Villanueva, died at 11:30 p.m., according to her son Christian Uybengkee. Villanueva’s remains now lie at the St. Peter Chapels in Quezon City, with public viewing allowed starting Saturday until Tuesday.

How old is Nova Villa now?

Who are Aljohn Jimenez and Manilyn Reynes married to?

MANILYN REYNES – Meet the handsome sons of the classic love team turned husband and wife in real life Manilyn Reynes and Aljohn Jimenez. The married celebrity couple seemed to have proved that in this fast-paced world, something really stays and tends to stay forever.

How many kids does Aljon and Manilyn have?

It would be safe to say that her relationship with Aljon took many by surprise (probably because no one had a clue!) Manilyn and Aljon, who got together in 1991 and tied the knot in 1996, now have three sons: Kyle, 22, Kirk, 16, and Kael, 7.

Who was Manilyn Reynes dating in the 80s?

More than that, they also manifest that true love doesn’t age as well. If you have witnessed how Manilyn’s career has blossomed, you would know that at the peak of her career as a performer and actress in the mid to late 80s, she was paired with two of this era’s top young leading men, Janno Gibbs and Keempee de Leon.