Who is the news reporter for Newsmax TV?

Who is the news reporter for Newsmax TV?

Emma Rechenberg is an Emmy award-winning journalist who covers breaking news and politics for Newsmax TV. She has previously reported for NBC affiliate television stations in Missouri and Minnesota.

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When did John Bachman start for Newsmax?

Since joining Newsmax in 2011, Bachman has traveled the country and won an award for a documentary he wrote and produced for Newsmax to commemorate 40 American Heroes – which coincided with a special edition of Newsmax Magazine.

Who is the host of American agenda on Newsmax?

Based at the network’s New York City studio headquarters, Kraisman is currently the anchor for American Agenda, airing live every weekday morning. Prior to being hired by Newsmax, Kraisman was a weekday evening anchor in New Orleans from 2016 through 2019.

How many homes can you get Newsmax TV?

Newsmax TV is growing rapidly and now available in over 70 million homes. ➨ WOW! TV (See Channels by state below) WOW! TV (Dothan) – HD Ch. 563 (SD Ch. 61) WOW!

Where is John Bachman of Newsmax Media from?

She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and cherishes her visits with family in America’s heartland. John Bachman joined Newsmax Media after more than a decade working as a producer, anchor and reporter in Atlanta, Augusta, GA and West Palm Beach Florida television markets.