Who is trunks wife?

Who is trunks wife?

Mai is a recurring antagonist and the love interest of Trunks in Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods and later on in its serial adaptation Dragonball Super.

Is Goku Goten father?


Are Gohan and Goten brothers?


Son Gohan
Species Saiyan/Human hybrid
Occupation Scholar
Family Bardock (paternal grandfather) Raditz (paternal uncle) Gine (paternal grandmother) Ox-King (maternal grandfather) Goku (father) Chi-Chi (mother) Son Goten (younger brother)
Spouse Videl

Do Trunks and Pan get married?

It’s never stated. A lot of people like the idea of Pan and Trunks getting together, but this is unlikely since Pan and Vegeta Jr’s mother didn’t seem to know each other.

Does Goten have a child?

His biggest downfall as a parent, however, is his absence, since he was dead for the first seven years of Goten’s life. It’s kind of dark considering the fact that Goten didn’t know his father for his early life. This fact is made even darker knowing that Goku, as far as we know, didn’t even know he had a second son.

Is Goku Black actually Goku?

His true identity is Zamasu (ザマス, Zamasu) from the unaltered main timeline within Universe 10. He is a former North Kai and Supreme Kai apprentice serving his former master Gowasu. He was then given the name “Goku Black” by Future Bulma when he initially referred to himself as Goku.

Is Goten stronger than Gohan?

Goten is stronger than Gohan and Goku were at HIS AGE. Goku trained almost his whole life, and Gohan was the first one to achieve Super Saiyan 2 and had a lot of potential.

How old are Goten and trunks?

goten was born in age 767 and the universe 6 arc and future trunk arc take place in age 780. so Goten is 13 and trunks is 14. It’s possible that goten is 14 and trunk is 15 because we don’t know how much time had passed since the end of the future trunks/black arc.

Is Goku Super Saiyan?

Super Saiyan Goku (known as Super Saiyan Son Goku in Japan) is a powered-up transformation of Goku from the Dragon Ball series, which was first obtained by Goku during the Frieza saga of Dragon Ball Z . Originally a legend among the saiyan race, Goku was the first saiyan in over one thousand years to achieve the form during his battle…