Who makes a 44 Magnum bolt-action rifle?

Who makes a 44 Magnum bolt-action rifle?

Ruger 77/
The Ruger 77/44 Bolt-Action Rifle, with its 18.5″ barrel, shoots the proven 44 magnum cartridge approximately 200-400 fps faster than a revolver, making it adequate for most any big game in North America.

Why did Ruger discontinue the 44 carbine?

In 1985, the Ruger 44 Carbine was discontinued due to its high production cost after nearly a quarter million of the rifles had been made. When it comes to collectability, the earliest Deerstalker-marked carbines bring the highest premiums.

Does anyone make a 44 magnum rifle?

Ruger 77/44 Threaded Barrel The Ruger is a good choice for a shotgun zone legal firearm for whitetails. Ruger builds this bolt action rifle in a blued or stainless steel finish variation. This .44 Mag rifle has a 4+1 capacity through the rotary magazine making it legal for most shotgun zones straight out of the box.

Do they make a 44 Mag rifle?

Then there are semi-auto . 44 Magnum rifles Ruger used to manufacture, the most recent model being the Ruger Deerfield carbine, but production was stopped in 2006 because of its high price, not to mention it only holds 4 rounds in its rotary magazine.

Does Ruger still make the 44 carbine?

The rifle was discontinued in 1985 due to high production costs. Ruger does not offer any parts support for the Model 44. The Ruger Model 44 was replaced by the Ruger Deerfield Carbine introduced in 2000 and produced until 2006. The Deerfield is a brand new design and has little in common with the Model 44.

What kind of rifle is the Ruger 77 / 44?

The Ruger 77/44 is a bolt action, rotary-magazine fed rifle using the 44 Remington Magnum pistol cartridge. Because it uses a (stout) pistol cartridge, the action is really compact, Ruger can get away with using locking lugs in the middle of the bolt instead of locking lugs at the front, and the rifle is very lightweight and compact.

When did the Ruger 77 magazine come out?

The Ruger 77 Series of rotary magazine rifles was introduced in 1983 with the .22 LR version. I got one in the first or second year of production and thus started my devotion to the rifles.

Are there any Ruger 44 Magnum Carbines left?

I happen to own all four of the Ruger 44 magnum carbines: The earliest tube fed semi-auto, the 96/44 lever action rifle, the Deerfield semi-auto carbine, all of which have been discontinued, and the still-in-production Ruger 77/44 bolt action rifle.

Can a Ruger 77 / 44 Magnum be used at 100 yards?

The point is that there are plenty of ammunition options to allow the shooter of a Ruger 77/44 to be equipped for many uses. This three-shot group was obtained at 50 yards with the Ruger 77/44 and shows that the .44 Magnum rifle is plenty accurate for use at 100 yards. By any standard, the Ruger 77/44 is a trim, elegant little .44 Magnum rifle.