Who owns Honister slate mine?

Who owns Honister slate mine?

Joe Weir
Joe Weir, Co-Owner of Honister Slate Mine says, “By taking part in this series we hope to show what an amazing, constantly evolving place the Lake District is to live, work and visit. The slate gets into your blood. It’s not a job but a way of life that takes hard graft and tenacity.

How high is Honister slate mine?

The ‘new’ Kimberley Mine was started from the Road End Level, with a substantial 600-foot (183 m) long 14 ft × 14 ft (4.3 m × 4.3 m) internal electrically powered incline.

Why is Honister Slate Green?

Slate at Honister is known as Westmorland Green Slate due to its rich green colour. This colouring comes from magnesium chloride in the ash. Looking at our slate you can see it is textured like pages of a book, this is from the volcanic debris layered on top of each other to form the slate all those years ago.

How hard is Honister Pass?

Honister pass is a fairly inaccessible climb in the north West Lake District. To get there invariably involves cycling up many other Lake District hills, but it is worth the effort as it a great climb, with equally superb views. It is a great climb from both directions.

What Colour is Honister Slate?

green slate
Honister slate is a distinctive green slate, though Lakeland slate comes in a variety of shades and colours.

Is there a zip wire in the Lake District?

A 3km zip wire experience in the heart of the Lake District. This impressive experience is currently exclusive to Grizedale Forest and totals seven zip lines, complete with a tandem zip which sees you whizzing through the air alongside your fellow adventurer.

What Colour is Lakeland slate?

About this product

Origin: Lake District UK
Material: Slate
Finish: Crushed
Colour: Green
Applications: Borders Paths Driveways

How steep is Newlands pass?

This climb averages 11.1%. The steepest quarter mile of this climb is 15.6% and steepest continuous mile is 11.3%. 0.8 miles of the climb is at or above 10% grade.

How hard is Hardknott Pass to cycle?

The true climb of Hardknott Pass is just 2.2km long. The scenery is stunning, and as far as cycling climbs go that is not a long one. But over the course of that 2.2km the average gradient is 14%. You get the idea, Hardknott Pass is very steep.

Can you park overnight at Honister Slate Mine?

Overnight parking in our carparks with fantastic Lake District panoramic views. We are pleased to be able to offer overnight parking in our large bottom carpark with fantastic Lake District panoramic views. Perfectly nestled between Keswick, Derwentwater, Borrowdale and Buttermere.

Has anyone ever died at Go Ape?

Tina Werner, 59, died last month at Go Ape zip line course at Lums Pond State Park. She fell from the course and died. An inspector determined that the fatal incident was caused by “operator error.”