Who was better Totti or Baggio?

Who was better Totti or Baggio?

Totti is more naturally talented, more creative, better goal scorer, better at penalties (LOL) and a better passer. Baggio has the edge on dribbling.

What happened to Baggio?

Baggio was just 18 when he suffered his first serious knee injury. After defying doctors to return to the game within 18 months, he suffered a relapse shortly into his Fiorentina career – the Viola had honoured the agreement to take him to Florence despite the terrible injury – and would undergo another operation.

How tall is Baggio?

1.74 m
Roberto Baggio/Height

Is Baggio a Buddhist?

Baggio is known as Il Divin Codino (“The Divine Ponytail”), for the hairstyle he wore for most of his career, for his talent, and for his Buddhist beliefs.

Did Totti ever win the Serie A?

Totti spent his entire career at Roma, winning a Serie A title, two Coppa Italia titles, and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. He is the second-highest scorer of all time in Italian league history with 250 goals, and is the sixth-highest scoring Italian in all competitions with 316 goals.

How old is Baggio?

54 years (February 18, 1967)
Roberto Baggio/Age

When did Baggio become Buddhist?

Having progressed through the Italian junior national team, Baggio was developing into a world class talent at Fiorentina. However, hit by injury in 1987, his outlook towards life changed when a touch of fate introduced him to the world of Buddhism.

Why did Baggio become Buddhist?

His conversion to Buddhism, for example, came from a fortuitous meeting in Florence after visiting a record store. Baggio’s nickname “the divine ponytail” came for two reasons — how he wore his hair and for his religious beliefs. Baggio’s free kicks made him a star in Italy, but faith made him one in Asia.

When was the last time Lazio won Serie A?

The 1990s were the most successful period in Lazio’s history, with the team reaching the UEFA Cup final in 1998, winning the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 1999, and clinching the Serie A title in 2000.