Who was the first presenter of ITV World of Sport?

Who was the first presenter of ITV World of Sport?

He was also a sports presenter and commentator, and was the first-ever presenter of ITV’s ‘World of Sport’, but he was best known as the host of This Is Your Life, Crackerjack and What’s My Line? He died in 1987. Pamela Armstrong – ITN newscaster, 1983–1986. Toni Arthur – occasional presenter on TV-am during the 1980s.

Who was the sports commentator on ITV in the seventies?

Frank Bough is still well remembered for his scandals, but Stephen Hadley I’ve forgotten about, Or speaking of racing, John Penney who commentated on ITV in the seventies. Who was that bloke who did late night tennis highlights with Des Lynham – went to BSkyB? Gerry someone?

Who are some famous sports commentators from the 70s?

Also others that seem to have fallen off the radar are Dorian Green ( showjumping), Lucinda Prior Palmer ( showjumping again, something of a pattern here), Hamilton Bland ( wintersports), Stuart Storey ( athletics), Matt Lorenzo ( ITV football), Tony Gubba ( the nearly man of Grandstand in the 70s) and Roger Thames ( ITV football).

Who are the presenters on the ITV Holiday programme?

Anne Gregg – reporter and presenter on Ulster Television ‘s Roundabout; also worked for Anglia Television; later co-presented the BBC’s Holiday programme during the 1980s; died in 2006 Krishnan Guru-Murthy – presenter for Channel 4 News and new presenter for ITV News for 2016

Who are some famous journalists from ITV News?

1 Jennifer Nadel – ITN’s Home Affairs Editor, 1994–1999 2 Shereen Nanjiani 3 Nina Nannar 4 Bill Neely – joined ITN in 1989, was Washington Correspondent for 6 years, Europe Correspondent for 5, International Editor for 12; covered many events including the fall of the Berlin

Who are the presenters of songs of praise on ITV?

Pam Rhodes – presenter of Anglia Television’s About Anglia during the 1970s and 1980s. She is now best known as a long-serving presenter of the BBC ‘s Songs of Praise . Steve Rider – English sports presenter and anchorman of ITV’s football coverage, having previously been a long-serving main anchor on the BBC ‘s Grandstand

Are there any hot female sportscasters in the world?

Sports universe is often considered as the ultimate boys’ club, mainly for the contributions by hot athletes, but, there are some even hotter female sportscasters. Appearance of sportscasters with a combination of brain and beauty is always worth to wait for during any gameplay.