Who was the QB for the 72 dolphins?

Who was the QB for the 72 dolphins?

Earl Morrall
The 1972 Miami Dolphins season was the team’s seventh season, and third season in the National Football League (NFL)….

1972 Miami Dolphins season
AP All-Pros 4 SS Dick Anderson QB Earl Morrall G Larry Little DE Bill Stanfill
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How many Hall of Fame quarterbacks have not won a Super Bowl?

3 Hall of Fame quarterbacks
Jurgensen remains one of only 3 Hall of Fame quarterbacks to have never been to a Super Bowl and the only one never to start a playoff game.

Who is best QB of all time?

1. Tom Brady. It is a no-brainer on Tom Brady takes the top spot on this list as the best quarterback ever. He is the most decorated NFL player of all time — winning seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVPs and three regular season MVPs.

How many black quarterbacks have won a national championship?

Since the inception of the game, only three quarterbacks with known black ancestry have led their team to a Super Bowl victory: Doug Williams in 1988, Russell Wilson in 2014, and Patrick Mahomes, who is multiracial, in 2020.

Who was first black NFL quarterback?

In 1968, Broncos Marlin Briscoe became first black starting QB in pro football history. Marlin Briscoe. Credit: UNO Athletics from Lincoln Journal Star. Black quarterbacks aren’t likely associated with the Denver Broncos.

Who was the quarterback that won the 1972 Super Bowl?

Aftermath. Staubach became the first quarterback of a winning team in the Super Bowl to play the entire game.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1972?

Dallas Cowboys
Super Bowl VI/Champion

How many Hall of Famers Don’t have a Super Bowl?

The four NFL franchises that have never played in the Super Bowl to date are: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans (and Houston Oilers) and Jacksonville Jaguars. By the way, if you want to see the list of the 267 members of the NFL Hall of Fame, you can find the link here.

How many Hall of Fame QBS are there?

Ranking the 27 modern-era quarterbacks in Pro Football Hall of Fame. Peyton Manning on Saturday will become the latest quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Manning finished with 71,940 passing yards and 539 TDs.

Who is the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

5 Worst NFL Quarterbacks to Win a Super Bowl 1. Jim McMahon. Jim McMahon was the fifth overall pick in the 1982 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears, and he pretty much… 2. Jeff Hostetler. In 1990, 35-year-old Phil Simms was the quarterback for the New York Giants, and he led the team to a… 3. Brad

What quarterback has won the most Super Bowl wins?

Tom Brady has more rings than any player in NFL history after winning a seventh championship in Super Bowl 55.

What QB’s have won 2 Super Bowls?

Peyton Manning is the only starting quarterback to win Super Bowls with two different teams. He took the Indianapolis Colts to two Super Bowls and won his first in 2007 before taking his talents to Denver. Manning led the Broncos to the Super Bowl in 2014 and rode off into the sunset after winning Super Bowl 50 two years later.

Who’s the best QB in Super Bowl history?

Steve Young,Super Bowl XXIX. Put a video game on the hardest difficulty,and many would be hard-pressed to repeat this box score.

  • Joe Montana,Super Bowl XXIV. One year after San Francisco’s epic January 1989 victory over the Bengals,Montana and Jerry Rice turned Super Bowl XXIV into a laugher.
  • Aaron Rodgers,Super Bowl XLV.