Who was the quarterback for the Ravens in 2001 Super Bowl?

Who was the quarterback for the Ravens in 2001 Super Bowl?

quarterback Trent Dilfer
Former Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer helped lead Baltimore to a Super Bowl win in 2001. Now, he will be honored at the team’s playoff game against the Titans.

Who were the quarterbacks for the Ravens?

Lamar Jackson
Tyler Huntley
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Who was quarterback when Tampa Bay won their first Super Bowl?

Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon threw a Super Bowl record five interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns….Super Bowl XXXVII.

Oakland Raiders (1) (AFC) (11–5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2) (NFC) (12–4)
21 48
Head coach: Bill Callahan Head coach: Jon Gruden

What year did the Ravens win the Super Bowl?

201334-31 – San Francisco 49ers
200134-7 – New York Giants
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Why did Ray Lewis win Superbowl MVP?

The Ravens became only the second team to ever record a defensive shutout in a Super Bowl, as they dominated the New York Giants 34-7 to win the franchise’s first ever world championship. Lewis’s 5 combined tackles and 4 passes defended earned him Super Bowl XXXV MVP honors.

Who was the Ravens quarterback before Lamar Jackson?

Regular season

Name GP W
Joe Flacco 163 96
Lamar Jackson 53 35
Kyle Boller 53 20
Vinny Testaverde 29 8

Who used to be the quarterback for the Ravens?

Most Games as Starting Quarterback

Name Period
1 Joe Flacco 2008 –
2 Kyle Boller 2003–2007
3 Vinny Testaverde 1996–1997
4 Steve McNair 2006–2007

What quarterback led the Buccaneers to their first winning season?

quarterback Doug Williams
Led by quarterback Doug Williams, in 1979 the Bucs—to the surprise of many observers—won 10 games and qualified for the postseason, where they advanced to the conference championship game but lost to the Los Angeles Rams.

Who was quarterback for Tampa Bay before Tom Brady?


Season(s) Quarterback Starts
2001–2002 Brad Johnson 4
2005 Chris Simms 1
2007 Jeff Garcia 1
2020 Tom Brady 4

What two years did the Ravens win the Super Bowl?

The Ravens have been one of the more successful franchises since their inception, compiling a record of 241–185–1 (225–174–1 in the regular season, 16–11 in the postseason); the team has qualified for the NFL playoffs 13 times since 2000 with two Super Bowl championship titles (Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII).

Who is the new Ravens quarterback?

Joe Flacco will be the Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback in 2019, period.

How many Super Bowl victories do the Ravens have?

But think about what the Ravens have been able to do in the past 19 seasons. They’ve won two Super Bowls and have been a consistent postseason contender. For the sake of this blog, let’s revisit the two Super Bowl wins though.

When was the last time the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl?

The Baltimore Ravens would later win Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers (which was also aired on CBS). Ray Lewis was a member of both Ravens’ Super Bowl wins.

Who is the QB for the Ravens?

Joe Flacco has been the Baltimore Ravens quarterback for almost 11 full seasons. Lamar Jackson is taking his place as the Ravens franchise quarterback. Joe Flacco has done a lot of good things in the NFL, and some of them even happened in the 2018 season.