Who were the German family on Gogglebox?

Who were the German family on Gogglebox?

Who are the Woerdenwebers? The Wirral based Woerdenweber family are made up of Ralf, Viv and their daughter Eve. German-born Ralf Woerdenweber, 52, his English wife Viv, 53, and their daughter Eve, 24 regularly appear on our screens and have made for unmissable viewing since they joined the show.

Where are the German family from Gogglebox?

The Woerdenweber family are based in The Wirral, Liverpool. The family is made up of German-born Ralf Woerdenweber, his British wife Viv and their daughter Eve, 26.

Who was on the original Gogglebox?


Cast members Series Year
Leon and June Bernicoff 1–10 2013–2017
Josh Tapper 1–10 2013–2017
Sandra Martin 1–9 2013–2017
Chanchez Martin 8–9 2016–2017

What happened to Jay on Gogglebox?

Jay has been doing just fine since leaving the show, and recently posted a sweet Instagram snap about his girlfriend, Hollie. He wrote: “So six months ago today this pretty lady done me the honour of being my girlfriend and tbh it’s the happiest I’ve ever been!

Where is Steph and Dom from Gogglebox?

We just thought, ‘Oh my God. We must have it. ‘” Steph and Dom left Gogglebox back in 2016 and currently live in their holiday home in Spain’s Canary Islands.

Is Stephen from Gogglebox married?

Gogglebox star Stephen tied the knot with his partner Daniel Lustig in July 2018 after the pair got engaged in 2016.

Are Stephen and Chris still friends?

A baffled Stephen replied: “Yeah, not a f***ing terrorist though Chris. There’s a bad boy and then there’s evil.” The couple later split up but remained friends and carried on filming the show together – until they were locked into a bitter row.

Who are all the family members in Gogglebox?

Baasit, Umar and their dad, Sid, are the only family to have appeared on all 17 series. Their other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance, although Sid’s wife and daughters don’t like to be on camera. We have met Baasit’s daughter, Amelia, a couple of times, though.

Who are the Siddiquis in Gogglebox family?

Baasit, Umar and their dad Sid have been Gogglebox regulars since the Channel programme started. But what do the Siddiquis do for a living and how old are they? Here’s everything you need to know…

Who are the parents of Louis from Gogglebox?

For most filming stints, Louis joins his parents Andrew and Carolyne on the sofa and in earlier years on the show, his sister Alex appeared as well. Alex’s twin, Catheryne, has also made appearances, confusing viewers since the pair occasionally swap and take each other’s places.

Who are the parents of Scarlett from Gogglebox?

Scarlett Moffatt and her family are from Bishop Auckland, near Newcastle. Mark and Betty are the parents, Scarlett Moffatt is the daughter and Ava is Scarlett’s younger sister. Betty works at Burton, Mark welds and Scarlett used to advise disabled students for a living.